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The Illegal Alien Uncle of The President of The United States Has Been Using More Than One Social Security Number.

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The other day I was asked to complete an investigation on Omar Onyango aka Omar Obama.  I was asked to specifically use the databases that I have access to in an effort to validate the inconsistencies connected to the relative of Barack H Obama who is an illegal alien.

I was asked specifically to investigate the information that is known concerning this individual and also any pertinent information that I may be able to uncover using my databases so as to ascertain any relevant information that might still remain uncovered about the illegal alien Obama Onyango aka Onango Obama, aka Omar Onyango, aka Omar Obama.

In the course of my investigation I uncovered many inconsistencies concerning Mr. Onyango that have not been explained as of yet by the “mainstream media” or possibly known by law enforcement officials.

I discovered that Mr. Onyango has been using more than one social security number as of 2011.  I also discovered that Mr. Onyango was a partner in a business that was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts in 1992 and it was dissolved by a court order in 2007.  I also have evidence that a Mr. Omar H Obama aka Omar O Onyango was the recipient of a Federal Tax Lien in the 1990’s

A few questions that have not been addressed by either the “mainstream media”, The Federal Government, Massachusetts Law Enforcement officials, and the local Law Enforcement officials is how could an illegal alien like Onyango get access to social security numbers, be able to incorporate a business in the state of Massachusetts, and have a Federal Tax Lien levied against him with the proper vetting process taking place?

The documents listed below are the documents that I used in the following video presentation that I completed on 09/29/2011.

The documents listed above are clear inconsistencies that need to be explained concerning the relative of The President of The United States Barack H Obama who is an illegal alien who has been commuting between Kenya and the United States for quite some time. The information contained in the documents listed above have also been forwarded to the Boston Globe and the the Framingham, District Court in Framingham, MA.

One of the many questions that need to be answered is how was he able to obtain a social security number dating back to the 1960’s and how was able to get access to the social security number belonging to a woman who is currently living in Fallmouth, MA as of 07/2011?

Another question that needs to be answered is could he, Omar Obama aka Omar Onyango have been here in the United States the same time as Barack H Obama Sr. and could he have helped Omar get the 027 prefixed social security number issued between 1964 and 1966?

Another question that needs to be answered is why was he, Uncle Omar using the social security number that belongs to a woman named Paula?  Could she have let him use her social security number for some reason?

Below is the video presentation that I complete on 09/29/2011 and in clearly explains the inconsistencies concerning the illegal alien relative Barack H Obama.  It is also indicative of the many abnormalities associated with the extended family of the President of The United States.


What people need to understand as well is that these investigations can never be completed alone.  There is always help from others.  I feel that what needs to be done is for we the investigators and reporters to begin to work more closely together so we can achieve our goals of exposing the truth about Barack H Obama and his extended illegal alien family.

We all need to put our egos aside and begin to gel as a cohesive team.  The needs of the many out-weigh the needs and wants of the few or the one in this matter.  I have been helped and guided by many since my initial discoveries earlier in March of this year.

I want to thank:

Pixel Patriot


Carl Swensson

Rise up for America

Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records


CDR Kerchner

CDR Kerchner’s Blog


Jerome Corsi


The evidence is mounting against Barack H Obama and his inner familial circle of illegal alien family members.  There can be no denying that there are many inconsistencies that surround this family.  They have been abusing our freely accessible system to the detriment of the American people who must live within our laws as a nation.  These people have been allowed to abuse the free society that they have insulted with their complicit actions of dishonesty.


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