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Documents Received Through The Freedom Of Information Act From Cook County Treasurer’s Office Prove Fraud In Obama “Buffer Zone”

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Northern Trust headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

The Northern Trust Co. Chicago, IL

Earlier this past August I was helped by Jerome Corsi and WND in getting the information out concerning the Rezkobuffer zone” that she, Rita Rezko deeded to the Trust that owns the Hyde Park Mansion the Obama‘s call their home in Chicago.

In my last report which was reported in WND Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal  the one thing that I could not quite put my finger on was the lack of documentation concerning the separate real estate transaction that took place in 02/2006.  It is well known that the Obama’s claim to have paid $104,500.00 for the “buffer zone” which was then absorbed by the property attached to the “Big House“.

However, all that has now been explained.  When the Land Trust purchased the house in 2005 it was obvious that the adjoining lot was butted up to the “Big House”, so then a sliver of land was cut from the Rezko lot and Deeded in a Warranty Deed of Trust to the Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209.  The same Land Trust that owns the house and not the Obama’s.

The following image will show my original findings concerning the Obama “buffer zone”.

In my last report which was solely reported using verbal confirmations given by The Cook County Treasurer’s Office and the Cook County Assessor’s Office have now been confirmed again through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documentation and from another verbal confirmation by a man named “Charles” who works for the Cook County Treasurer’s Office as of 08/26/2011.

In my conversation with Charles of the Cook County Treasurer’s Office which took place on 09/26/2011 I specifically asked Charles, “if a piece of property is deeded in a Warranty Deed In Trust and just the transfer taxes are paid for said property does that negate the need for an assessment being completed for said property for tax purposes and he said, “absolutely not”.

He further said, “that any transfer of real property in or out of a Trust or a general sale of real property for that matter is considered by Cook County as a real estate transaction and said property is to be assessed and taxed for the actual assessed value of the property being transferred”.

I then asked Charles if a property was absorbed by an adjoining lot with out ever first being assessed or taxed would that constitute real estate and or tax fraud and he said, “yes because Cook County will get what is owed from the transfer or sale of said real property”.

My conversations with Charles at the Cook County Treasurer’s Office on the 26th of September last month and my conversation with Maria at the Cook County Assessor’s this past August confirmed my original findings as noted below:

PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000:  Note: each talking point is a layer in the sale of the “buffer zone”.

    • Doc # 0604733162 – Deed In Trust  – Amount $104,500.00 – 02/16/2006 – Grantor : Rita Rezko – Grantee: The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 – PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000
    • PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 in existences for only one month as per CCRD and does not exist anymore as per the Assessor’s Office.
    • As per Cook County Assessor’s Office no assessment has ever been done for PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000; therefore, no taxes have ever been filed or paid for the “buffer zone” that Rezko deeded to Trust # 10209 in a separate real estate transaction on 02/2006.
    • As per Cook County Assessor’s Office PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 was dissolved and became PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 in 2007
    • Fact:  As per the CCRD there are no records prior to 06/2005 (the sale of the BIG HOUSE and the lot to Rezko) for PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000, not to mention the 20-month gap in document recordings for PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 which as per the Assessor’s Office was created in 2007 when PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 was dissolved.
    • Fact:  In 2001 “Wondisford” created 5050 S Greenwood Ave creating PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 with an assessed value of $9,875.00 (verified by LexisNexis and a Cook County assessment).
    • Fact:  In 2006, the separate real estate transaction for the lot added 1,907 SF to the lot at a value of $54.79 PER SF – 54.79 x 1907 = 104,484.53. creating a 12,047 SF lot for PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000
    • Fact:  PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000 was never recorded with the CCRD because Trust # 10209 was recorded using PIN # 20-11-115-034-0000 insulating the parties involved in the sale of the BIG HOUSE and not including the sale of the “buffer zone” or adding PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000/20-11-115-036-0000 to the documents pertaining to 5046 S Greenwood Ave, the property owned by Trust # 10209 of The Northern Trust Co.  This created two separate events, one in 2005 and the other in 2006, with the second event i.e. the “buffer zone” never being properly assessed or taxed and absorbed by PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000.
    • Note, that The Obama’s have redacted PIN #’s on their 2009 IL state taxes and have not included their property taxes on their state filings for IL in their 2010 taxes as well.

$104,500.00 “Buffer Zone” PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 deeded by Rita Rezko to The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 (Not the Obama’s) in a real estate transaction as of 02/2006 with no assessment ever being completed for the lot, and with no taxes ever being paid on the lot.

(A separate transaction with no assessment)

The following documents were forwarded to be via The Cook County Treasurer’s Office through The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).  These documents were received by me Monday 09/26/2011.  I am also including the Rezko Warranty Deed which was prepared by William Micely and notarized by Tony Rezko’s business partner Michael Sreenan and signed by Rita Rezko on 01/2006.  I will also be including pulls from the (CCRD) Cook County Recorder of Deeds showing the discrepancies noted in the talking points listed above.

Remember, it is not the documentation that is present, but it is the documentation that is not recorded or prepared as prescribed by the laws of Cook County, The City of Chicago, and the State of IL.

The first set of documents are related to the The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 the actual owner of the “buffer zone” which was never properly assessed or taxed in the 2006 transfer of real property from Rita Rezko to the Trust.

Note the Warranty Deed, the preparer, the Notary, and the seller.

As noted above the the last image showing an assessment for 2007 on PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 that was sent to me from Cook County showing no dollar amounts in a legal document apparently indicating an attempt to hide the fact that the “buffer zone” was passed to the Trust without ever being assessed separately and properly taxed as a real estate transaction.  It, the dollar amounts were left off of this 2007 assessment for the old PIN # which as of the Assessor’s Office and Maria were deleted in 2007 and then turned into PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 which had already been in existence for quite some time.

The following recording was with Charles from Cook County and he explains the necessity foe having a parcel of land properly assessed and taxed which is what the Obama’s did not do in the Rezko “buffer zone” transaction in 2006.

No assessment was ever completed for a $ 104,500.00 parcel of land that was in fact a separate real estate transaction.

All that was paid for the lot was:


+ $104.50

+ $783.75


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  1. […] And this of course involves that fraud of a city…CHICAGO! […]

    EVEN MORE FRAUD « bobsbox

    October 3, 2011 at 6:41 am

  2. The Natural Born citizen clause of the US Constitution is one of the fundamental requirements to running for president of the United States. President Obama was a constitutional professor at University of Chicago. The question regarding his birthplace is a constitutional question, NOT “silly”, and had been raised long before he became president. He should responsively and immediately response, not wait for years (in the early 70’s, Mr. Henry Kissinger could not be a presidential candidate just because everyone knew he was not born in the U.S.). Millions of lawyers, those in suits and in robes, have made our, and their, Constitution a mockery! As a math teacher, I have some doubt on the President’s birth certificate. I am only hopeful that one day President Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, will have an affidavit or affirmation to clarify that they, both, firmly believe, never doubt, that he was born in …Hawaii. Time change, so absolutely we have to, need to, and should change to fit in with the folding life. However, certain changes must be taken seriously. No belief of any good cause can justify any fraud, because there is always a better or greater cause.


    November 30, 2011 at 4:50 am

  3. Reblogged this on Screenshots and commented:
    One blogger is focusing his research efforts on some very murky real estate deals made by the Obamas before he was elected president in 2008. The MSM refuses to look into these allegations, so the alternative news community has taken it on themselves. See news blog for more reports.


    November 13, 2012 at 2:58 pm

  4. This information needs to be hand delivered to Darrell Issa as it has a direct influence on the position of presidency. Anyone within inside knowledge could blackmail and control a presidency! In the military you would lose your security clearance and be removed from your job for alot less!!!! This is why a president is to be thoroughly vetted and background scrutinized!!

    Lee Watters

    February 5, 2013 at 5:52 am

  5. […] This article clearly lays out in detail through a FOIA request from Cook County, IL which details Obama’s real estate fraud committed in 2005 when that house in Chicago was purchased for him to live in.… […]

  6. […] This article clearly lays out in detail through a FOIA request from Cook County, IL which details Obama’s real estate fraud committed in 2005 when that house in Chicago was purchased for him to live in.… […]

  7. […] real estate fraud committed in 2005 when that house in Chicago was purchased for him to live in.… This article clearly details the many addresses that Obama used to commit his voter fraud in […]

  8. Reblogged this on The Firewall.


    April 4, 2013 at 5:53 pm

  9. […] fraud committed in 2005 when that house in Chicago was purchased for him to live in.… ·       This article clearly details the many addresses that Obama […]

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