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Anjem Choudary Explains Muslim Hate For Christians And Jews

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Qur’ān. V49:11–13: "come to know each oth...


 “As a muslim”, explains Anjem Choudary, “ I must have hatred for everything which is non Islam“. Islam indocrinates hatred and contempt for non-muslims. They are labelled with a special pejorative term – Kafirs. Kafirs are unclean, (Koran 9:28), on a level with faeces, urine, corpses, blood, semen, and the sweat of unclean animals.

Jews and Christians are despised as “apes and pigs” (5:60). Islam`s womenfolk should not shake hands with the Kafir because that would make them unclean and thus their prayers invalid. Unlike muslims, who inhabit “Dar al Islam”, the House of Islam, Kafirs inhabit “Dar al Harb”, the House of War.

Islam is in a permanent state of war with Kafirs, because, as the Koran explains, the Jews have corrupted their texts (3:78), and the Christians have forgotten much of their message (5:14). Both have thus chosen not to follow the true path and are therefore not innocent.

The Kafir is available to be killed, his property appropriated, his womenfolk and children enslaved (Bukhari 1: 2: 25). Anjem Choudary Islam`s texts are not optional: there is no freedom of conscience: “When a matter has been decided by Allah and his messenger the muslim man or woman has no choice” says Koran 33:36. “None may change his words” (18:27) or discard them: the penalty is death, as it is for leaving Islam: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him”, said Mohammed (Bukhari 9.84.57).

The Koran is promoted as “true from eternity to eternity”, explains Sam Solomon, former professor of Sharia Law. Islam – the word means “submission” – is a doctrine of supremacism by force. “Does Islam, or does it not, force people by the power of the sword to submit …? Yes,” wrote Osama bin Laden ( 28 June 2011). “Kill the unbelievers wherever you find them,” commands Koran 9:5, “Lay ambushes for them, and go after them in every stratagem of war”.

Ayatollah Khomeini made it clear: “Islam says: ”Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all!” (Logan`s Warning ). Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been ordered to fight the people till they say: ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah (Bukhari 8.387). “Fight non-muslims” says Koran 8:39, “….until Islam is the ONLY governance”. Choudary enthuses: “There is a place for violence in Islam”.

There is a place for jihad in Islam…..The Koran is full of, you know, jihad and jihad is the most talked about duty in the Koran… Nothing else is mentioned more than the topic of fighting in the Koran” ( 2 Aug 2010). Killing a Kafir brings no penalty upon a muslim in Islam`s Sharia law: the deed is exempt from retaliation (Reliance of the Traveller, Manual of Islamic Law).

The example of Islam`s prophet Mohammed, who, for instance, had men`s feet and hands cut off, and their eyes put out with hot nails, is promoted as a “beautiful pattern” of conduct to follow (Koran 33:21). Muslims “are merciful to one another but ruthless to the unbeliever” (48:29). “The tree of Islam is watered by blood”, a child preacher on the internet asserts.

It is a seventh century desert tribal mindset. For nearly 1400 years, ever since Mohammed attacked Mecca, deliberately destroyed all its many other religions` idols and symbols, beheaded critics and forced the inhabitants to obey him, Islam has achieved a blood-soaked history of being spread by the sword. See the repeated pattern of attacking, slaughtering, subjugating, exacting the protection tax, “jizya”, forcibly converting, plundering, raping, and enslaving neighbouring peoples one after another, demolishing their churches and temples, and building supremacist mosques on the sacred sites.

Anjem Choudary

Image by darkroom productions via Flickr

It is not a history of peace. Islam is “an ideological political movement”, Choudary explains, while “man-made law is anathema to a muslim“. He expounds further, “democracy, liberalism, freedom, and so on …need to be destroyed.” This work-in-progress, this war, continues today in many regions worldwide to establish Islam as the only system of governance – the global Caliphate – witness Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, Thailand, East Timor, Java, Sumatra, Egypt, Somalia, Darfur, Ethiopia, Nigeria, The Philippines, Western China, in fact, almost anywhere where there are hostilities, or what the press calls “religious tensions“, “sectarian strife“, or “ethnic unrest“. Time after time it is Islam against the rest. “Peace is when the whole world is muslim”, explained Sayeed Qutb, co-founder of the Muslim Brotherhood.


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November 12, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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  1. […] past’. He has called for the stoning of all homosexuals. He has uttered hatred towards Christians and Jews. Mind you, this is different of just being critical to Christian and Jewish Ideology. He want all […]

  2. […] past’. He has called for the stoning of all homosexuals. He has uttered hatred towards Christians and Jews. Mind you, this is different of just being critical to Christian and Jewish Ideology. He want all […]

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