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Influence Explored: Obama’s Bundler List

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Influence Explored: Obama’s Bundler List

July 15, 2011, 5:48 p.m.               

President Barack Obama leans back in his chair while on the phone in the Oval Office.


Earlier this year the Obama campaign released a list of 244 fundraisers who have bundled thousands of dollars in donations to the president’s victory fund. This is an excellent opportunity to use the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Explorer and Transparency Data tools to dig into the connections and past contributions of these masterful rainmakers.

It’s a veritable rolodex of the rich and powerful across the country – among them you’ll notice a CEO, editor, former politician and even a former lobbyist. Have fun and beware duplicate names in the always imperfect campaign data!

Update: Based on comparisons to the list of bundlers in Obama’s 2008 campaign we found that there are 109 repeat bundlers so far for 2012.

Amount Raised: $50,000-$100,000

First Name Last Name City State
Naomi Aberly Dallas TX
Joyce Aboussie St. Louis MO
Michael Adler Miami Beach FL
Scott Allen Bethesda MD
Jeremy Alters Hallandale Beach FL
Joe Andrew Potomac MD
Jim Apteker Brookline MA
Abake Assongba Brooklyn NY
Colleen Bell Los Angeles CA
Daniel Berger Philadelphia PA
Anthony Brown Mitchellville MD
Dwight Bush Washington DC
Peter Buttenwieser Philadelphia PA
Ken Canfield Atlanta GA
Frank Clark Chicago IL
Steve Cohen Chicago IL
Michael Coles Atlanta GA
Cheryl Cronin Boston MA
James Crown Chicago IL
Donna Curling Roswell GA
Stephen Davis San Francisco CA
Robert Justin Day Tallahassee FL
Robert Donovan Jackson Heights NY
Patricia Edington Mobile AL
Matt Ellis Austin TX
Ari Emanuel Beverly Hills CA
Fred Eychaner Chicago IL
John Fish Roxbury MA
Andrew Fishman Weston CT
Cynthia Friedman Palm Beach FL
David Gail Dallas TX
Steve Goldman New York NY
Richard Gray Short Hills NJ
Patrick Guarasci Milwaukee WI
David and Marty Hamamoto New York NY
Ann Hamilton Pasadena CA
David Hill Silver Spring MD
Don Hinkle Tallahassee FL
Gary Hirshberg Concord NH
Paul Horning Atlanta GA
Teena Hostovich La Canada CA
Kevin Jennings New York NY
Orlan Johnson Bowie MD
David Kenney Denver CO
Terry Kramer Piedmont CA
Mary Lang Sollinger Madison WI
Suzi LeVine Seattle WA
Michael Lynton Los Angeles CA
Kerman Maddox Los Angeles CA
William and Molly Mahoney Chicago IL
Mark and Marianna McCall Manchester CT
Greg McCurdy New York NY
Cappy McGarr Dallas TX
Gerry McGowan Arlington VA
Thomas McLain Los Angeles CA
Lynn Meredith Austin TX
Kelly Meyer Malibu CA
Eric Mindich New York NY
Judd Miner Chicago IL
Mike Mogull Miami Beach FL
John Morgan Lake Mary FL
Steven Newmark New York NY
John Oram Beverly Hills MI
Stephen Pajcic Jacksonville FL
Yolanda “Cookie” Parker Los Angeles CA
Shaunda Patterson-Strachan Washington DC
Dean Phillips Minneapolis MN
Roberto Prats San Juan PR
Shefali Razdan Duggal San Francisco CA
Judith and William Scheide Princeton NJ
Paul Schmitz Milwaukee WI
Shonda Scott Oakland CA
John Scully Mill Valley CA
Noah Shaw Boston MA
Diana Shaw Clark London United Kingdom
Dixon Slingerland Los Angeles CA
David Solow Chicago IL
Kavita Tankha Los Altos Hills CA
Justin Tanner Roswell GA
Grace Tsao-Wu Chicago IL
Tina Walls Denver CO
Hope Warschaw Santa Monica CA
Daniel Weiss Los Angeles CA
Linda Whitlock Newton MA
Judith and Gerald Zarin and Rosenfeld New York NY
Joseph and Deanna Zednik Bonita Springs FL
Robert Zimmerman New York NY

Amount Raised: $100,000-$200,000

First Name Last Name City State
Gerald and Barry Acker and Goodman Huntington Woods MI
Simon Ahn Atanta GA
Clarence Avant Beverly Hills CA
Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley Washington DC
Virginia Bauer Red Bank NJ
Terry Bean Portland OR
Mitchell Berger Parkland FL
Andi and Tom Bernstein New York NY
Peter Beshar Rye NY
Stephen Bittel Miami Beach FL
Charles Robert Bone Nashville TN
James “Wally” and Bob Brewster and Satawake Chicago IL
Frank Brosens Bedford NY
Justin Buell San Francisco CA
David Burd Washington DC
Belinda Coleman Upper Marlborough MD
Les Coney Chicago IL
John Crumpler Durham NC
Becky Draper San Francisco CA
Douglas Dunham New York NY
Leni Eccles Belvedere CA
Joseph Falk Miami FL
Chip Forrester Nashville TN
Bill Freeman Nashville TN
David Friedman Longmont CO
Louis & Carol Frillman Seattle WA
Carol Fulp Boston MA
Doug and Lisa Goldman San Francisco CA
Mark and Wendy Gorenberg and Wanderman San Francisco CA
John Gorman Austin TX
Chad Griffin Beverly Hills CA
Carol Hamilton Beverly Hills CA
Craig Hanson Menlo Park CA
Scott Harris Washington DC
Karen Harris Cape Elizabeth ME
Anne Hess New York NY
Vicki Heyman Chicago IL
Sharon Hoffman Kansas City MO
Kate Hughes Princeton NJ
Wayne Jordan Oakland CA
Henry Kang New York NY
Janet Keller Laguna Beach CA
Charles and Marie Kireker Weybridge VT
Michael Kong Los Angeles CA
Andrew Korge Coral Gables FL
Chris Korge Miami FL
Sarah Kovner New York NY
Marc Lasry New York NY
Michael and Mattie Lawson Los Angeles CA
Chad Leat New York NY
Steve Lerner Chapel Hill NC
Cliff Levine Pittsburgh PA
Mel Levine Pacific Palisades CA
Kathy Levinson Los Altos CA
Andra Liemandt Austin TX
Jamie and Michael Lynton Los Angeles CA
Alice & Bill Mahoney New Canaan CT
Marissa Mayer San Francisco CA
Shaw McDermott Dedham MA
Bonnie Monks Portland ME
Bruce and Jim Murray Charlottesville VA
Mike Muse New York NY
Steven Myers Corona Del Mar CA
Crystal Nix-Hines Canoga Park CA
Kristin Oblander Atlanta GA
Lazar Palnick Pittsburgh PA
Micahel Parham Seattle WA
Carol Pensky Washington DC
John Phillips Washington DC
Abigail and FJ Pollak Coral Springs FL
Penny Pritzker Chicago IL
Laura Ricketts Chicago IL
Nelson Rising La Canada CA
Israel Roizman Lafayette Hill PA
Greg Rosenbaum Bethesda MD
Laura Ross New York NY
Jamie Rubin New York NY
Rusty Rueff Hillsborough CA
Andy and Tamar Schapiro and Newberger Chicago IL
Jay Snyder New York NY
Jeff Soref New York NY
Earl and Amanda Stafford McLean VA
Marc Stanley Dallas TX
Bobby Stein Jacksonville FL
Joshua Steiner New York NY
Sandi Thompson Woodside CA
James Torrey Greenwich CT
Andrew Weinstein Coral Springs FL
Steve Westly Menlo Park CA

Amount Raised: $200,000-$500,000

First Name Last Name City State
Mark Alderman Bryn Mawr PA
JP Austin Miami FL
Jean Bailey Silver Spring MD
Neil Bluhm Chicago IL
Aimee Boone Austin TX
Tim Broas Chevy Chase MD
Michael Cioffi Cincinnati OH
Bob Clark St. Louis MO
Meredith DeWitt Still River MA
Kirk Dornbush Atlanta GA
Carolyn Dwyer Montpelier VT
Mark Gallogly New York NY
Andres Guillemard San Juan PR
Daniel Halpern Atlanta GA
Pam Hamamoto Tiburon CA
Jane Hartley New York NY
Alex Heckler Ft. Lauderdale FL
Doug Hickey San Francisco CA
Kenneth Jarin Philadelphia PA
Brian Mathis New York NY
Scott Nathan Boston MA
Susan Ness Bethesda MD
Mark Nichols Washington DC
Spencer Overton Chevy Chase MD
Deven Parekh New York NY
Dana and Barry Perlman and Karas Los Angeles CA
Ben Pollara Coral Gables FL
Wade and Lorna Randlett San Francisco CA
Beverly Reeves Austin TX
Alfreda Robinson Washington DC
John and Mellody Rogers, Jr. and Hobson Chicago IL
Michael Sacks Winnetka IL
Elaine Schuster Chestnut Hill MA
David and Beth Shaw New York NY
Ken Solomon Los Angeles CA
Steve Spinner Menlo Park CA
Sally Susman New York NY
Kirk Wagar Coconut Grove FL
Alexa Wesner Austin TX
Tom Wheeler Washington DC
Robert Wolf Purchase NY

Amount Raised: $500,000+

First Name Last Name City State
Rob Barber Cambridge MA
Denise Bauer Belvedere Tiburon CA
Marc Benioff San Francisco CA
David and Rhonda Cohen Philadelphia PA
Jack and Elaine Connors Boston MA
Jon Corzine Hoboken NJ
Blair Effron New York NY
John Emerson Beverly Hills CA
Mark and Nancy Gilbert Boca Raton FL
Steven Green Miami Beach FL
Jeffrey Katzenberg Universal City CA
Michael Kempner Cresskill NJ
Lena and John Kennedy Pasadena CA
Orin Kramer Englewood NJ
Andres Lopez San Juan PR
Noah Mamet Los Angeles CA
Charles Myers New York NY
Azita Raji Belvedere CA
Kirk Rudy Austin TX
Eugene Sepulveda Austin TX
Robert Sherman Boston MA
Michael Smith Los Angeles CA
Andy Spahn Los Angeles CA
Jane Stetson Norwich VT
Andrew Tobias Miami FL
Frank White Jr. Washington DC
Anna Wintour New York NY

Thank you to Katie Dixon and Eric Dunn for helping link and research this list.

Image via White House’s Flickr Photostream.

‘Influence Explored’ takes an article from the day’s headlines and exposes the influential ways of entities mentioned in the article. Names and corporations are run through Sunlight’s influence tracking tools such as Influence Explorer and Transparency Data to remind readers of the money that powers Washington.


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