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A Possible Explanation for Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number

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Explanation for Obama’s Connecticut Social Security Number

By Jack Cashill

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As  I reported on Tuesday, Barack Obama has yet  to provide an explanation for how he came to have a Social Security number that begins with the Connecticut prefix  “042.”

Filmmaker  Joel Gilbert read the piece.  He has been in Hawaii doing follow-up  research on his insightful new documentary, Dreams from My Real Father, and he sent  me the single best explanation I have yet to see.

What  intrigued me about this story from the moment Ohio private investigator Susan  Daniels first came across Obama’s Connecticut SSN was the ineptness of the  left-wing explanations.

“Numbers  are assigned based on the return address on the request envelope, not  residency,” crowed Jason Linkins in the Huffington  Post, as though he had said something meaningful.  Linkins suggested  two possible explanations, both preposterous.

One  is that Obama applied for his SSN as a little boy in Indonesia for no known  reason, and the application just happened to be processed in Connecticut for no  known reason, too.

For  the second, Linkins cited the argument of Carole Gilbert (no relation to Joel  Gilbert) in the Yahoo-related “Associated Content.”  Said Carole Gilbert,  presumably with a straight face, “In fact, Barack Obama’s dad attended college in Connecticut and in 1977, Obama was college aged;  is it beyond reason to consider that he might have checked out his father’s alma mater?”

Last  time I checked, Harvard was in Massachusetts.  The closest town to Harvard  in Connecticut is about 90 minutes away,  and there is no record at all that Obama Sr. lived there, let alone that Obama  visited his imaginary alma mater and just happened to apply for a Social  Security card while visiting.

On  the respectable right, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly finessed this claim.   “[Obama’s] father lived in Connecticut for several years,” O’Reilly said  inaccurately on air last April.  He added that “babies sometimes get  numbers based on addresses provided by their parents.”  Wrong  again.

The  left-leaning fact-checking service addresses the SSN issue, but  evasively.  It leads with a red herring about a man named Jean Paul Ludwig,  whose SSN Obama is allegedly using.  “False,” says Snopes.  But  Daniels has never mentioned a Ludwig or anyone else.

Snopes  then repeats the irrelevant detail that Obama would only need to have sent his application in from Connecticut, but how or why the 16-year-old Obama  could or would have done so is overlooked.

Snopes  concludes that “the most likely explanation” is a “simple clerical or  typographical error.”  Obama, they contend, lived in the Hawaii zip code of  96814, while the zip code for Danbury, CT is 06814.  As it happens,  “clerical error” is the same excuse used to explain away Obama’s claim to a  Kenyan birth in his literary agent’s 1991 promotional piece.

Joel  Gilbert suggests a more likely explanation.  In doing his research in  Hawaii, Gilbert heard from several sources that pre-statehood, every institution  or branch of government in Hawaii was dominated by the Japanese syndicate known  as the “Yakuza, the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), and a  complicit bureaucracy.  “After statehood in 1959 the Federal Government  came in, and the syndicate went underground, but maintained the same control,  and does so to this day,” says Gilbert.

“Hawaii  was and is a corrupt state,” Gilbert continues.  He was told by retired  Honolulu police detectives that in the state bureaucracy, “anything could be  purchased, including Social Security numbers.”  These were real numbers,  likely available because the original card holder was dead.  The sellers  trafficked in SSNs that did not originate in Hawaii.  That way, if the  person using the phony SSN were ever caught, the crime would be traced back to  the issuing state, not the Hawaii office.

Gilbert’s  theory is that the SSN problem is related to the question of Obama’s birth  certificate, which is required to get a SSN.  Lacking a valid birth  certificate, Obama was forced to buy an SSN so he could get his first job at the  Baskin Robbins in 1977.  In this theory, Obama was sold an SSN that was  Connecticut-based so it couldn’t be traced back to the Hawaii office.

The  easiest way to test this theory and establish the truth is to ask the people who  know.  WND’s veteran White House correspondent Les Kinsolving tried to do  just this at a press briefing a few years back.  Predictably, Obama  spokesman Robert Gibbs laughed Kinsolving off and switched the subject to the  birth certificate.

In  a televised address two years ago, Obama famously said, “The only people who  don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.”  So  could someone in the media please ask him about that “042”?  We can be sure  they would be asking questions if Mitt Romney had a Hawaii-based SSN, and they  would not be satisfying themselves with “clerical error.”

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