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US Marine forgotten by an ungreatful command

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 US Marine forgotten by an ungreatful command

Take a hard look at this Patriot who has literally spilt blood for our country. During his third Afghanistan deployment, Sgt Rob Richards was recommended the S…ilver Star for his Valor and his Sniper team was credited with over 76 kills. Rob is currently being court-marshaled for urinating on the dead bodies of three Taliban insurgents. A week prior, these three Taliban insurgents were seen parading through local villages with the body parts of a fallen US Marine. The desecrated body parts were later hung in a tree outside Rob’s patrol base. Rob now needs our help to fight for his freedom.
His career has already been ruined and is currently 100 percent disabled from war wounds received in Afghanistan. To throw in some perspective, when our President orders a drone strike on a “terrorist” and kills his entire family with him, no criminal charges are ever filed. If a drone or fighter pilot strikes the wrong target (lack of PID) and kills innocent civilians, no criminal charges are filed. Rob got some pee-pee on the faces of some evil men who will murder any little girl that pursues an education.  With all the crap that is going on in our country politically and economically, this is small beans. Sgt Rob Richards doesn’t need the book thrown at him during this difficult time in his life, he needs a helping hand. Please check out the Support website and consider donating a few dollars. -Semper Fi

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