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BREAKING NEWS – Judge Hollander in Maryland gives Attorney Orly Taitz 21 days to file a second amended complaint and add allegations in regards to an improper withholding by the Social Security Administration of records of Harry Bounel, whose Social security number is being illegally used by Barack Obama.

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By AL HENDERSHOT – Editor: The Obama Hustle 12/16/2013

The soon to be six year-long investigation into the case against Barack H Obama and his use of a stolen social security number which belongs to a 120 year old deceased individual by the name of Harry Bounel has taken a new course today.  The information obtained was on a Mr. Harry Bounel who was born in Russia in 1890 and living in the Bronx, NY as of the 1940 Census.


1940 Census listing Mr. Harry Bounel on line 48.

As per a November 16, 2012 FOIA noted below which clearly proves that the social security number, 042-68-4425 absconded by Obama does not belong to him but in fact belongs to Mr. Harry Bounel.

November 16, 2012 SSA FOIA requesting information on Harry Bounel using 042-68-4425 social security number and 1890 DOB

November 16, 2012 SSA FOIA requesting information on Harry Bounel using 042-68-4425 social security number and 1890 DOB

When the FOIA was requested it was done using the “SS-5” request form using the 120 year old rule which excludes privacy concerns for information requested for information on a deceased individual’s “SS-5” documentation who would over 120 years of age at time of request.  It was completed using the name of Harry Bounel, SSN 042-68-4425, and the DOB – 1890.

My previous article, “” goes into great detail on how the evidence has mounted against Obama and his fraudulent activities concerning his absconded social security number.

The following excerpt is from

“Judge Hollander in Maryland gives Attorney Orly Taitz 21 days to file a second amended complaint and add allegations in regards to an improper withholding by the Social Security Administration of records   of Harry Bounel, whose Social security number is being illegally used by Barack Obama. When Taitz filed the complaint, SSA did not respond at all.

After the law suit was filed, SSA responded by fraudulently claiming that the records were not found. Taitz responded that this is a fraudulent assertion, since the records were found before and denied to another petitioner due to privacy concerns, however Social Security has no right to claim privacy as according to their own 120 year rule they have a duty to release the records.

The judge stated that the plaintiff Taitz might be correct, however at this time she cannot rule in her favor as her original complaint was filed before SSA responded, so the judge gave Taitz an opportunity to re-file a second amended complaint and add new allegations, stating the SSA responded but improperly hidden the records .

This is a great development. This all but assures that the judge will order the SSA to release the    SS-5, Social Security application of resident of CT, Harrison (Harry) Bounel, whose CT SSN 042-68-4425 was stolen by Obama and used in Obama’s 2009 tax returns, which initially were posted on without proper redaction, without flattening of the file .”


Each and every one of Obama’s relatives have all had social security numbers of their own even though they have all been documented as being in the United States illegally.



Obama Caught Lying On His 2006 U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report

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Proof of Voter Fraud Evidence in Arkansas for the 2008 Presidential Election

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United States Presidential Election 2008.

The purpose of this article is to shed light on the anomalous information that I discovered during a state-by-state search for Barack Obama which was completed last spring:

As a “Forensic Journalist” I can only describe what information/evidence that I have collected and on what information that has been made available to me from my database pulls, my sources, and my research.  Therefore, it is then up to me to decipher, analyze, and describe what information I have and it is then left for others to prove me right or wrong.

As a “Forensic Journalist” I also do the best that I can do through communications with my sources, and with my research so as to come to the best conclusion that I can in order to find the best way to explain my findings to my readers and to let my readers discuss my findings and be educated as to what evidential discoveries are available to help in their understanding as to what I am trying to explain to them.

Electoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates or both. Also called voter fraud, the mechanisms involved include illegal voter registration, intimidation at polls and improper vote counting. What electoral fraud is under law varies from country to country.  It  happened in 2008 and the proof is within this aerticle and it can happen again if we are not careful.

Previous Article:

The following images cam be found in the article posted above from The Obama Hustle.   Please pay close attention to the dates and the names associated with this one single address from North Little Rock, AR.  I discovered special names such as Jay Byrd, Lex Luger, Wyle Cyote, Tom Jones,  and so on

Earlier this past Spring, I discovered 58 different addresses that are connected to Barack Obama.  These addresses are different that some of the other addresses that are floating around that have been connected to Barack Obama.  The search was initially completed using a database pull using his name only in a state-by-state search, and yes there is much more evidence for other states.

I consider the information that I was able to obtain to be evidential information that should be brought to the Federal Authorities so a detailed investigation can take place so that the truth can come out as to the shenanigans that took place during the Presidential Election in 2008.  I also discovered some new and different SSN‘s for both Barack and Michelle Obama, with some of these numbers belonging to actual living persons in other states.

Definition of Voter/Electoral Fraud:

Electoral fraud is illegal interference with the process of an election. Acts of fraud affect vote counts to bring about an election result, whether by increasing the vote share of the favored candidate, depressing the vote share of the rival candidates or both. Also called voter fraud, the mechanisms involved include illegal voter registration, intimidation at polls and improper vote counting. What electoral fraud is under law varies from country to country.

Do not think for one second that ACORN is completely gone from the Progressive Socialist’s radar screen. They, the ACORN operatives, will no doubt be absorbed by other organizations in 2012, especially the ACORN OBOT OPERATIVES.

In this article I will discuss my findings on selected state searches for Barack H Obama and the anomalous results that I obtained.  You will need to pay close attention to the dates because these are the dates that the documents associated with the names, addresses, phone numbers, and recording dates.  The dates will clearly display certain traits of  multiple listings for the same address with varying names connected to the same address and the same dates as they pertained to the 2008 Presidential Election.

With regard to the information that I will be sharing in this article I want to make clear that the dossiers I create are very large, some with with hundreds of names, addresses, and phone numbers attached  to them.  So for the sake of simplicity in my explanations in this article I will be selecting certain pages only; however, the pages selected will be indicative of the remaining information contained within the said dossiers.

To help explain where my database pulls are made  which I in turn use for my research and for verification from some of the sources that I use, the following talking points will describe where they, the said pulls are made from.  The talking points below are just an abbreviation as well of all of the reports I can generate for a particular search.  If you have some dirt underneath those fingernails, I’ll find it.

I can find out:

  • Where you live.
  • Who owns your house if you don’t.
  • Your property information, i.e. Mortgage, Taxes Owed, When it was bought and sold, all liens associated and so on.
  • Your Parents, your spouse, your kids, your neighbors, your relatives, associates of your addresses dating back to 1985.
  • Where you work and where you have worked.
  • What your assets are.
  • What kind of car you drive.
  • Your liabilities, i.e. Bankruptcies, Divorces, Marriages, etc.
  • How many people are using your SSN (Social Security Number) or if the SSN number you are using belongs to some one else.
  • How many Business Licenses you have had and everything associated.
  • And so on – And so on

When I pull a report from my database pulls this is what I get:  (Use the information in the talking points as a reference on my past articles)

Subject Profile:

  • Subject Information – Name, SSN, DOB, address
  • AKAs
  • Imposters – Other individuals reporting the same SSN as your subject
  • Address Report
  • Neighbors – Select how many neighbors to include for each address associated with your subject.
  • Phones Plus – All possible phone numbers, including cell numbers, listed and unlisted numbers, and previous phone numbers
  • People at Work – Your subject’s possible corporation affiliations and/or employers
  • Relatives Summary – Possible relatives are people with the same last name as the subject who have shared an address with the subject in the past. Select the depth (up to 3 degrees) of relatives to search for. First degree relatives are possible relatives of the subject. Second degree relatives are possible relatives of the subject’s first degree relatives. Third degree relatives are possible relatives of the subject’s second degree relatives. Reports for up to 100 relatives.
  • Possible Associates – Individuals who may have worked with your subject
  • Voter Registrations
  • National Property Ownership
  • Collect-ability Report


  • Property Ownership
  • Motor Vehicles
  • UCC Filings
  • Aircraft Registrations
  • FAA Certifications
  • Watercraft


  • Criminal Records
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Bankruptcies
  • Liens and Judgments
  • Health Care Sanctions


  • Corporate Affiliations
  • Business Structures
  • Business Licenses
  • Partnerships
  • Businesses Owned

Licenses and Permits:

  • Professional Licenses
  • Controlled Substance
  • Drivers License
  • Hunting/Fishing
  • Concealed Weapons

I have purposely described just some of the database reports that I can use to create my dossiers from so you can understand the validity of my searches and the information given to me by my sources as I search for verification of my information derived from my research.  What people have to understand as well is that now in this age of high-speed transference of information between reporting agencies all of the databases are now virtually linked to each other in every way possible.

The following videos contain a descrption of ACORN tactics from one of their ex operatives.  The woman who is giving the seminar is Ms. Anita Moncrief formerly of ACORN and the ABA – American Bar Association.  They are a detaioled explanation of ACORN activities as they pertained to voter registration.

I will leave it up to my readers to decide for themselves and believe what they see as what I precieve to be potential voter fraud evidence for North Little Rock, AR as it pertained to the 2008 Presidentil Election.  Oh BTW if I am not mistaken, Obama lost the state of Arkansas in 2008 to McCain.

The Illegal Alien Uncle of The President of The United States Has Been Using More Than One Social Security Number.

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The other day I was asked to complete an investigation on Omar Onyango aka Omar Obama.  I was asked to specifically use the databases that I have access to in an effort to validate the inconsistencies connected to the relative of Barack H Obama who is an illegal alien.

I was asked specifically to investigate the information that is known concerning this individual and also any pertinent information that I may be able to uncover using my databases so as to ascertain any relevant information that might still remain uncovered about the illegal alien Obama Onyango aka Onango Obama, aka Omar Onyango, aka Omar Obama.

In the course of my investigation I uncovered many inconsistencies concerning Mr. Onyango that have not been explained as of yet by the “mainstream media” or possibly known by law enforcement officials.

I discovered that Mr. Onyango has been using more than one social security number as of 2011.  I also discovered that Mr. Onyango was a partner in a business that was incorporated in the state of Massachusetts in 1992 and it was dissolved by a court order in 2007.  I also have evidence that a Mr. Omar H Obama aka Omar O Onyango was the recipient of a Federal Tax Lien in the 1990’s

A few questions that have not been addressed by either the “mainstream media”, The Federal Government, Massachusetts Law Enforcement officials, and the local Law Enforcement officials is how could an illegal alien like Onyango get access to social security numbers, be able to incorporate a business in the state of Massachusetts, and have a Federal Tax Lien levied against him with the proper vetting process taking place?

The documents listed below are the documents that I used in the following video presentation that I completed on 09/29/2011.

The documents listed above are clear inconsistencies that need to be explained concerning the relative of The President of The United States Barack H Obama who is an illegal alien who has been commuting between Kenya and the United States for quite some time. The information contained in the documents listed above have also been forwarded to the Boston Globe and the the Framingham, District Court in Framingham, MA.

One of the many questions that need to be answered is how was he able to obtain a social security number dating back to the 1960’s and how was able to get access to the social security number belonging to a woman who is currently living in Fallmouth, MA as of 07/2011?

Another question that needs to be answered is could he, Omar Obama aka Omar Onyango have been here in the United States the same time as Barack H Obama Sr. and could he have helped Omar get the 027 prefixed social security number issued between 1964 and 1966?

Another question that needs to be answered is why was he, Uncle Omar using the social security number that belongs to a woman named Paula?  Could she have let him use her social security number for some reason?

Below is the video presentation that I complete on 09/29/2011 and in clearly explains the inconsistencies concerning the illegal alien relative Barack H Obama.  It is also indicative of the many abnormalities associated with the extended family of the President of The United States.


What people need to understand as well is that these investigations can never be completed alone.  There is always help from others.  I feel that what needs to be done is for we the investigators and reporters to begin to work more closely together so we can achieve our goals of exposing the truth about Barack H Obama and his extended illegal alien family.

We all need to put our egos aside and begin to gel as a cohesive team.  The needs of the many out-weigh the needs and wants of the few or the one in this matter.  I have been helped and guided by many since my initial discoveries earlier in March of this year.

I want to thank:

Pixel Patriot


Carl Swensson

Rise up for America

Birther Report: Obama Release Your Records


CDR Kerchner

CDR Kerchner’s Blog


Jerome Corsi


The evidence is mounting against Barack H Obama and his inner familial circle of illegal alien family members.  There can be no denying that there are many inconsistencies that surround this family.  They have been abusing our freely accessible system to the detriment of the American people who must live within our laws as a nation.  These people have been allowed to abuse the free society that they have insulted with their complicit actions of dishonesty.

Obama Attack Watch Website Is Tool For Political Contributions

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The new Obama for America website is nothing more than a tool created to acquire donations up to $5,000.00 per individual:

I find it ironic that a website created by Obama for America to thwart President Obama’s opponents is actually requesting that the individuals who want to report smears against the “anointed one” donate money to both the “Primary Campaign” and to the “General Election” for the Obama / Biden ticket for 2012.  Both donations can be up to $2,500.00 each totaling a maximum one-time donation of $5,000.00 per individual.

Actually it is an excellent tool because they have actually created another channel in which to collect more money to be bundled for the Obama 2012 campaign.

The following statement is from the Obama for America website “Attack Watch”.
Contributions or gifts to Obama for America are not tax deductible.  Obama for America can accept contributions from an individual of up to $2,500 per federal election (the primary and general are separate elections). By submitting your contribution, you agree that the first $2,500 of a contribution will be designated for the 2012 primary election, and any additional amount, up to $2,500 will be designated for the 2012 general election.


Donating Offline: 

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, send a check to: Obama for America, P.O. Box 802798, Chicago, IL 60680

Q.  Will the contributions made to Attack Watch be reported the Federal Election Commission as campaign contributions as clearly stated in the in above statement from the Attack Watch website created by Obama for America?

Attack Watch is trying to make it look like it is fighting back against what it, the Obama Administration perceives as unwarranted attacks by the “Right Wing” / “brither’s” who are nothing more than “Racists” who’s only desire is to see that Obama is not re-elected as President of The United States.
Obama’s record speaks for itself.  He has done absolutely nothing to grow our once vibrant economy.  For the past 2 1/2 years our unemployment rate has been stagnant at +/- 9%.  Almost 1/4 of the American population is on food stamps.  Do I have to go any further? 
We all know what has gone on since the Usurper was  elected in 2008 using false and misleading information about his identity and his socialistic agenda. 
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