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Wasserman Schultz (D) FL Involved in Police Altercation Outside FL Voting Precinct

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, U.S. Congresswoman (D-Florida, 2005-present).

, U.S. Congresswoman (D-Florida, 2005-present). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by Javier Manjarres

A group of sign-waving campaign ralliers comprised of both Democrat and Republican supporters outside an Aventura, Florida polling location witnessed Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz get involved in a heated altercation with an Aventura policeman after she apparently took issue with his request to not engage in campaign activities in the street which would hold up oncoming traffic.

She listened to the police officer’s respectful and reasonable request, but Wasserman Schultz continued to argue with the police officer, according to several people who witnessed the incident.

Wasserman Schultz was greeting voters and waiving her campaign signs on a street leading into the polling site and was obstructing traffic by stopping cars before they could even enter the parking area.

The police officer respectfully asked Wasserman Schultz to move onto the sidewalk as everyone else was required to do, but the  Congresswoman was unhappy with not being able to campaign how she saw fit.  Unnerved by the simple request from a police officer, Wasserman Schultz made a “well placed” phone call to some unknown individual in a position of authority.  Five minutes later, the Aventura City Mayor came to the scene and was confronted by Debbie Wasserman Schultz and proceeded to get an earful from her as well.

Wasserman Schultz stayed about 20 minutes before she  left the scene with the six or so supporters she brought with her.  After the congresswoman left, one of the Democrat supporters who witnessed the whole incident confronted the Mayor and told him that what she did was “extremely inappropriate” for her to berate him in the manner she did.

This altercation is just a few days removed from an earlier incident in which the congresswoman took issue with a Democrat voter who refused to campaign and support her and instead supported her Republican congressional opponent Karen Harrington.

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Sources claim Trump’s Obama announcement will reveal divorce papers on Barack and Michelle’s dreamy marriage.

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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama


Source:  The Daily Mail


Donald Trump has been teasing a big Obama announcement for the past few days, and everybody is anxious to see what the big surprise will be. Trump has said that this could blow the top off the election, insisting that it would be very damaging information. Many wondered if this would relate back to all the supposed birth certificate hullaballoo, but Tuesday, Oct. 23 the Daily Mail revealed what this “gigantic” announcement is supposed to be.


According to the Daily Mail, Donald Trump’s Obama announcement will reveal that Michelle and Barack Obama once filed divorce papers. The site says, “It is alleged that the eccentric real estate mogul will claim that the documents show the First Lady and the President were at one point in their two decades of marriage seriously considering splitting up.” While Trump has played coy about the announcement in his media appearances this week, a Florida-based investor supposedly has spilled the beans on the big surprise.


Douglas Kass, an investor known to CNBC “Squawkbox” viewers, tweeted the big spoiler Tuesday. He posted, “High above the Alps my Gnome has heard that Donald Trump will announce that he has unearthed divorce papers between the Prez and his wife.” This isn’t the first time allegations have been made that divorce papers exist between the Obamas, and the White House has previously dismissed the claim as rubbish.


What do you think? Could this be Trump’s “gigantic” Obama announcement? Even if it is true, does it really have the ability to change the course of the election? Whatever it is that Trump has, supposedly it will be revealed Wednesday afternoon.


State ID laws: 10 million Hispanic voters could be affected, study says

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Some 23 states have or are considering laws to mandate voter IDs, toughen voting restrictions, or cull noncitizens from voter rolls. According to a new study, the laws could deter many eligible Hispanic voters.

By Warren Richey | Christian Science Monitor

New restrictive voting laws in 23 states could make it more difficult for a significant number of Latino voters to cast ballots in the November presidential election, according to a new study released on Monday.

Voter ID laws, tougher voter registration requirements, and efforts by state officials to remove noncitizens from their voter rolls could intimidate or deter many Latinos from exercising their right to vote, the report says.

The study, produced by the civil rights group Advancement Project, says there are more than 10 million eligible Latino voters “who could be deterred or prevented from voting in the 2012 elections” because of new voting laws enacted or proposed in 23 states.

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The new measures include a photo ID law currently under court review in Pennsylvania. Florida and Colorado are cited for attempting to remove noncitizens from their voter rolls by comparing information from the state’s driver’s license database with information in a federal immigration database.

Political analysts believe Latino voters could prove decisive in the coming presidential election depending on turnout. Polls show President Obama enjoys a significant advantage among Hispanic voters over Republican rival Mitt Romney.

The president has pursued issues favored by Latinos, including launching a legal challenge to Arizona’s controversial immigration law, Senate Bill 1070. The Obama administration also authorized an executive branch version of the DREAM Act, which has stalled in the Senate. It allows 1.7 million children of illegal immigrants to avoid the threat of deportation.

Voter turnout among Hispanics has historically not been high, and it remains unclear whether they will vote in large numbers in November.

In the meantime, Republican lawmakers in several swing states featuring potentially tight races have enacted new voting laws that critics say are intended to suppress Latino and African-American votes. They say the new measures are part of a partisan attempt to undercut electoral support for Mr. Obama.

Authors of the report agree. The report is entitled: “Segregating American Citizenship: Latino Voter Disenfranchisement in 2012.”

Voter suppression laws and policies threaten to relegate eligible Latino voters to second-class citizenship and impede their ability to participate fully in American democracy,” the report says. “Like African-Americans, Latinos have experienced decreased access and correspondingly lower levels of voter registration and participation than non-Hispanic whites.”

Penda Hair, a co-director of the Advancement Project, told reporters during a teleconference that the new state voting laws amounted to the “greatest assault on voting rights throughout our history.”

Some critics, including Attorney General Eric Holder, have compared voter ID laws to a new version of Jim Crow-era poll taxes.

Ms. Hair said the group would fight “to ensure that communities of color are not intimidated or silenced.”

State officials have defended their new voting laws as legitimate efforts to fortify the election process against fraud. They say photo ID is necessary to travel by jetliner or enter a federal office building. The security of voting is no less important, they say.

The Advancement Project’s report urges the repeal of all “voter suppression laws and policies.”

“Election officials should be working to increase voter registration and participation, as opposed to implementing voter suppression laws,” the report says.





Former Florida Democrat Party Executive Director Dumps Obama For Romney

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Former Florida Democrat Party Executive Director Dumps Obama For Romney

Former Florida Democrat Party Executive Director Dumps Obama For Romney – Washington Free Beacon


Barney Bishop, the former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party, has written an article detailing why he can not support Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Bishop had this to say on the president’s policies in an op-ed posted at

In every challenge that faces our nation, Obama sees a solution that can only come with another government-spending program. He fails to harness the ingenuity of entrepreneurs; instead he actually places obstacles, like burdensome regulation, in front of their path to progress.

Bishop, a local businessman, criticizes Obama’s attacks on Romney’s business record and defends Romney’s plan to revitalize the economy:

Specifically, the attacks on the work Mitt Romney did in private equity demonstrates a dangerous lack of understanding how important risk-taking investors are in the U.S. economy…

Contrary to the failed Obama policies, informed by his experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney has a plan for cutting and capping the government’s spending to bring us balanced budgets. He gets that job creators need less regulation and stable tax policy in order to invest and grow.

Bishop has encouraged other Democrats to join him in his support for Romney, claiming, “It’s just too important for the nation to let party labels cloud the clear choice we have this election.”

Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney,, Avoids Vice Presidential Speculation

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Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Governor Mitt Romney of MA

Official portrait of US Senator Marco Rubio of...

Official portrait of US Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney, Avoids Vice

Presidential Speculation

ABC NewsBy Michael Falcone | ABC News2 hrs 1 min ago

Marco Rubio Endorses Mitt Romney, …

ABC News’ Michael Falcone, Emily Friedman and Matthew Jaffe report:

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio officially threw his support behind Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney Wednesday night in an appearance on Fox News’Hannity” show.

“It’s evidently and increasingly clear that Mitt Romney’s going to be the Republican nominee,” Rubio told Sean Hannity. “I am going to endorse Mitt Romney.”

“He offers such a stark contrast to the president’s record,” he added.

Rubio said that the primary needed to come to a close and that Republicans must avoid a “floor fight” in Tampa this summer: “I don’t think there’s anything good about that.”

“I think it’s a recipe for disaster.”

“I think all the candidates in this race have a lot to be proud of,” speaking of the other Republicans running for the party’s nomination, but he called Obama a “disastrous president” and suggested the GOP should begin to focus on the general election.

Perhaps more than any other Republican, Rubio’s name is tossed around as a potential vice presidential  candidate. Rubio shot down that speculation on “Hannity” saying, “I don’t believe I’m going to be asked to be the vice presidential nominee. ”

He said as much in an interview earlier on Wednesday.

“It’s not going to happen,” Rubio told MSNBC‘s Andrea Mitchell. “But I’m obviously flattered by, that people think about me that way. There are some things I’d like to get done here in the United States Senate. I’m enjoying the role that we have here.”

Mitchell noted that he would “have a lot more power as vice president, potentially.”

“Oh, you think so?” Rubio replied, grinning widely. “I don’t know. I mean that’s debatable. Well, I’m enjoying my time here in the Senate. It’s a privilege to serve here, and that’s really what I’m focused on. I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee, but I’m always flattered when people bring it up. I think they mean it as a compliment.”

Tuesday, in an appearance on the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” Romney was asked to describe Rubio in one word. Using three, Romney responded “The American Dream.”

And in Metairie, Louisiana, on Friday, Romney referred to Rubio when making his argument against “Obamacare,” saying that the Florida senator made a good point about the costliness of the plan:

“There’s another one that Marco Rubio mentioned-the Senator from Florida-he said even if Obama care were a perfect piece of legislation-and it’s not-we can’t afford a trillion dollars of new spending,” Romney said. “And we just heard from the CBO, it’s not a trillion dollars, it’s double that. And so, the critics were right, and the advocates were wrong. Obama care is massively more expensive than originally estimated and we cannot afford more government spending.”

Rubio is taking other steps to shed his previously low-profile. The South Carolina GOP announced earlier this month that the Florida senator will be keynoting the party’s annual Silver Elephant dinner on May 19.

And the publisher of Rubio’s forthcoming memoir, “An American Son,” announced that it was pushing up the release date from October to June 19.

According to         a late January poll conducted by Latino Decisions for ABC News and Univision, 60 percent of Latino Republicans in Florida would be much more likely to vote Republican in November if Rubio is added to the GOP ticket. Nationwide, 13 percent of Latinos said they would be much more likely to vote Republican if that happened, with 12 percent saying they would be somewhat more likely to back the GOP if Rubio joined forces with Romney.

That         same poll found that 67 percent of Latinos would back Obama in a matchup against Romney, who only earned 25 percent of their support. 41 percent of Latinos nationwide said they had a somewhat unfavorable or very unfavorable view of Romney. And a whopping 72 percent of Latinos said the Republican candidates in the primary either didn’t care too much about Latinos or were being outright hostile towards Latinos.

Rubio would obviously help Romney’s cause in that regard.

The Florida senator has criticized his party’s approach to Latinos. In February, Rubio told Time Magazine, “What’s the Republican legal-immigration plan? And that’s a problem, when all they [Latinos] hear from you is what you’re against and not what you’re for… Ultimately there is, in my opinion, hundreds of thousands of conservatives and potential conservatives all across this country that will never become conservatives because they somehow feel that the party where the conservative movement is housed doesn’t want them.”

While Romney consistently says it would be “presumptuous” to give names of people he’d consider for the vice president before he’s the GOP nominee, often waving off the question by saying that the republicans have a “deep bench” that could fill the slot, that Rubio is on Romney’s mind is undeniable.

Romney has not shied away from speaking highly of Rubio on the campaign trail, even coming to his defense last October when several publications challenged the year that Rubio’s parents fled Cuba, arguing that the Florida senator may have embellished his family’s history.

At a press conference at his Manchester, N.H., campaign headquarters, Romney was asked about the controversy, to which he leapt to Rubio’s defense.

“I have the highest respect for Marco Rubio I think his family’s history having come to this country speaks for itself. This is a family who came with nothing and Marco Rubio and his family deserve the highest praise and recognition. I think the world of Marco Rubio and support him entirely and think the effort to try to smear him was unfortunate and bogus,” said Romney.

On Wednesday night, Rubio returned the favor: “We have an obligation to work on behalf of the nominee, Mitt Romney,” he said.

“I have zero doubt in my mind of two things,” Rubio said. “Number one, that Mitt Romney will govern as a conservative. Number two, he will be head and shoulders better than the guy who is in the White House right now.”

Attorney Larry E. Klayman Is Jumping Into The Long Simmering Obama Eligibility Battle

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Barack Obama

Barack Obama

Iconic public interest attorney Larry E. Klayman is jumping into the long simmering Obama eligibility battle and will  represent clients in Florida and other states to challenge Obama’s inclusion on the ballot

Posted by   By  of Obama Ballot Challenge at  20 March, at 11 : 44 AM Print

Iconic public interest attorney Larry E. Klayman is jumping into the long simmering Obama eligibility battle and will  represent clients in Florida and other states to challenge Obama’s inclusion on the ballot

 PRESS RELEASE – March 20, 2012 — Please publicize, forward

Klayman, the Founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch (he is taking cases privately), is the only one to ever successfully sue a sitting President (Clinton). He worked on the Gore v Bush 2000 Florida election lawsuit and knows his way around relevant Florida laws and jurisdictions.

He also represents Jerome Corsi, of “Swiftboat Veterans Against John Kerry” fame, in an action against Esquire Magazine for its alleged attempt to sabotage sales of Corsi’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” book, released in 2011.  Klayman also obtained a court order to force Obama to comply with FOIA requirements in disclosing info about Obamacare planning meetings regarding Supreme Court Justice, former Obama Solicitor-General Elena Kagan.

Larry’s entre into the Obama eligibility lawsuit arena was facilitated by the Obama State Ballot Challenge 2012 (OSBC) ( organization. The group’s Communications Director, George Miller, said it was necessary to bring in a heavy hitter who knows how to force governments to be accountable.  Sam Sewell is the group’s Florida Project Manager and OSBC Director Pamela Barnett is the California Project Manager.

Sewell stated “An analysis of several national polls on the subject of AKA Barack Obama’s eligibility shows that about half the citizens in American are unsure or don’t believe that he is eligible to be President.  It makes sense that Obama supporters would want the issue settled along with everyone else.  I would conclude that those opposed to releasing all of Obama’s history are frightened of the truth, just like AKA Barack Obama.”

Klayman, who took the case in his private capacity, started by representing current plaintiff Mike Voeltz, amending and pursuing his existing complaint. “Mr. Voeltz exhaustively researched FL statutes and assembled a good complaint. We fine-tuned some of the arguments, developed legal strategies and also introduced more aspects of Obama document/identity fraud into the case.  Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s report and previous investigators will help significantly. Settled natural born Citizenship law was already incorporated.”

Barnett disclosed that, Inc. is their resource to help finance ballot challenges in Florida, California and possibly more in the future in other states.  This legal strategy to keep Obama out of the White House in 2013 depends upon contributions from citizens who believe that Obama is not a legal President under the Constitutional requirement to be a NATURAL Born Citizen and that he should not fraudulently appear on state ballots again in 2012. Per the ongoing  Arpaio investigation in AZ, the birth certificate “Obama” claims to have showing his birth in Hawaii is likely fraudulent.

Dozens of federal and state eligibility cases were dismissed for various “standing” and jurisdiction technicalities after the election in 2008. More recently, several state ballot challenges have been initially dismissed, due to invalid vetting interpretations and misapplication of precedent law by the judiciary.

Asked whether he has the goods on Obama, Klayman exclaimed, “Of course!  Others have already gathered what we need, with more in the pipeline. The task at hand is to compel court proof, official acknowledgment and removal from the ballot, as well as present the damning facts about Obama to the court of public opinion.”   Asked what he’ll do to help succeed, he stated: “accurate reading of applicable law, attention to rules of evidence, researching case law, venue selection and use of ‘political theater’ out of court.”  Case: Voeltz v. Obama, et. al. (Case No.: 2012CA00467) and is filed in Leon County Superior Court.

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