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Obama Alias Used For Cover At Chicago Gay Bath House?

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By AL HENDERSHOT – The Obama Hustle 10/30/2012

I am going to start this article by describing the context for which it, the article will be written.  There is a subculture with in the African-American community that is seldom discussed and that is the activities of Black men who engage in homosexual activities while still in heterosexual relationships, ie..  living in the down low.

Down-low is an African American slang term[ that refers to a subculture of men who usually identify themselves as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner(s).   The term is also used to refer to a related sexual identity.  (Source Wikipedia)

Firstly, I want to make clear that this article is in no way making any disparaging comments towards the LGBT community.  This article is simply going to discuss the closeted activities of a man who is probably denying who he really is for political purposes.

The rumors about Obama‘s predilection for one-sided homosexual contact or even full sexual contact has been discussed for many years ever since his connection to several known Gay individuals and even others who might also be on the down low themselves such as Reverend Jeremiah Wright and current Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Some so-called straight people love to have their homosexual fantasies explored in many ways and places.  Now obviously most MGM’s (Married Gay Men) cannot host his/their sexual encounters so he has to find alternatives.  One of Obama’s alternatives for his Gay sexual encounters has been known to be a Bath House known as “Man’s Country”.

Man's Country Chicago

Now as Bath Houses go Man’s Country appears to be the Trolliest (new word I invented).  Mostly older men frequent this establishment which is as past reported seems to be the kind of men Obama likes to play with.  It has been noted that Obama enjoys/has enjoyed having oral sex with older men where he is the recipient of the oral copulation.  Now whether he, Obama and Emanuel have ever played together that’s a different story all together, but that would be interesting.  Who would be more dominant, Obama or Emauel.

So we can have a better understating of what the bath house that Obama and Emanuel used to hang out at was/is like here is a review from one of its members, “John B”.


“Oh lord, am I really writing a review of Man’s Country. Have I really fallen so far?
In a word: yes.
To start, Man’s Country is a gay bathhouse. Men go there to have sex. End of story. There’s no Better Midler to-be entertaining men in towels. Oh, there are strip shows on weekends, but those are merely entertainments that precede or follow men having sex. Or sometimes happen simultaneously.
I live around the corner from Man’s Country, but have not been there since I’ve lived here. Which doesn’t mean I’ve never been there. I was never a regular, but I have my (lifetime) membership. But I hadn’t been there for eons. Until recently.
A few months ago, after a long night of drinking, I found myself outside Man’s Country. I had just bundled my friend into a taxi after closing The Eagle, which is next door. And I wasn’t done making poor decisions for the night.
You enter Man’s Country through an airlock designed to separate the tawdriness within from the naive world without. Or vice versa. Behind the (bulletproof?) glass are orange jumpsuited attendants who check you in. Is the similarity to prison coincidental? You be the judge. Man’s Country is a private club, which I guess provides protection from a slew of indecency laws, so you need to be a member to enter. Membership is 10 bucks, and has been since I first “joined” about 20 years ago. Membership lasts a lifetime, which, if you visit regularly, may be perilously brief. The entrance fee varies, depending on whether you’re renting a locker, a small room, a large room, or a “fantasy” room. This ain’t The Sybaris — “fantasy” relates to a variety of S&M accoutrements. You receive a key (to your room or locker) on an elastic strap, a well-worn towel, and if you have rented a room, shreds of cotton that pass for a sheet and pillowcase. Are you in the mood yet? You are also offered the opportunity to check your valuables. Check your valuables. I am not saying that “Man’s Country” is a synonym for “Den of Thieves.” But check your valuables.
Then you go to your room or locker, strip down, stow your stuff, wrap the towel around your waist and elastic band around your wrist, and you’re off to the races.
There are three levels to Man’s Country. That’s right — this is a superstore. The main level has the locker room, some private rooms, and a video room. Upstairs is a maze of more private rooms, another small video room, and the large showroom, where the strippers live. When there is not a show, the TV screens show porn (as they do in the video rooms, of course), and men have sex. On the floor, on the stage, on the seating area. The private rooms are fitted with lights on dimmers, so the occupant can show you as much or little as they like. Don’t expect the lights to be up — these guys aren’t beauty queens. The men are generally lying on their backs or stomachs, depending on what they expect you to do to them. You do the math.
What struck me on my recent visit was the number of guys wandering around mostly or fully dressed. This says one of two things to me: 1) hustler, or 2) thief. Because after I steal your stuff, I don’t want to take time to get dressed before I book. The other thing was what a horrible state of disrepair everything was in. There’s nothing wrong with Man’s Country that a good fire couldn’t solve. Short of that, they need to hose the place down from top to bottom, soak it in bleach, and maybe bring in an exorcist or two. Man’s Country is open 364 days a year, and it shows.
The lower level is the “wet” area, featuring a steam room and tub. I expect there are bacteria in the tub big enough to knock you down and take your wallet. As for the steam room… Old men + dirty men + sexual activity + steam = ? You fill in the blank.
My last time at Man’s Country was probably my last time at Man’s Country. There’s nothing there for me, unless you count gonorrhea.”

This tells me that Obama and Emanuel like seedy joints out of the way so they can have their play-time in secret and go home to the wife and kids.


Now this leads to the Obama alias of Harrison J Bounel which was linked to Obama as of 2009. What better alias than one that is hard to trace and that can be used for what ever needs available. Especially having to have a fake name for fun times at Man’s Country.

Could the Obama alias be the one that he was using to hide his membership to Man’s Country?  Interesting thought.


“The Wormhole” by Peggy Knutson

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Simulated view of a black hole in front of the...
The Obama Worm Hole in Space

“The Wormhole”

 By Peggy Knutson





I’ve been in a funk lately. Some people seem to think I’m merely a figment of a

social media site. Some people think I’m just a joke. Let me be clear, I am neither a

figment nor a joke.

My name is Harrison J. Bounel and I share the Social Security Number of one of

the most powerful men in the world, whom I shall refer to only as “The Other One”. I

am, however, a mystery, an enigma, a ghost. Who is the man behind this mask? Who am

I and where did I come from? What are my secrets? Those are the things I deliberately


I will, however, tell you the truth. I promise I will. But let me warn you, I lie. But

not every word is a lie. It will be like walking through a minefield. Or like catching a

butterfly without crushing it. Or like herding cats. All at the same time.

This is the Truth. The world is made up of two kinds of people. The people who

are real and who are powerful. And the people who aren’t. The people who exist and

those who don’t. The Other One never intended to be one of the latter. What he has done

best in life is manipulate the wormhole between the two.

The wormhole. Even now I hear you snickering at my use of the word

“wormhole”. I hear you whispering the names of The Other One’s alleged lovers, past

and present. Remember, the wormhole is a means to an ends and the ends justify the

means. If you happen to find it enjoyable, so much the merrier.

The wormhole is man’s country, populated with men who, in exchange for the attentions of an exotic

young man, will fill your pockets with money and your head with ideas. These men will lubricate the

wormhole and allow you to escape the Black Hole of those-who-do-not-exist and

penetrate the White Hole of Those Who Exist. And once you have turned the heads of

Those Who Exist, the worm is turned. You can twist the wormhole to your own


I, Harrison J. Bounel, was spawned from the wormhole.

I’m sure that sounds very philosophical, but believe me, it is actually very

practical. It’s really as down-to-earth as Chicago-style dirty tricks, political payoffs, and

ordinary blackmail. Only The Other One had much grander plans than Chicago City Hall.

But the incestuous cesspool of Chicago was a good place to start.

Not for the first time or the last, The Other One had need of a scrubbed and rescrubbed

identity in Chicago. You ask when I was spawned? Was it after he arrived in

Chicago for the first time or was it prior to diving into that cesspool? Did The Other One

need a “clean” Social Security Number when he applied to Harvard Law, or was being

classified a “foreign” student still to his advantage? Did he need to invent transcripts

from Columbia? Perhaps, you say, The Other One needed an American identity to apply

for the Illinois Bar or for his run for the Illinois State Senate. If I tell you the exact

moment of my creation, would you believe me? Does it matter? Chicago has a way of

convoluting the wormhole.

The Other One arrived in Chicago in 1985 after living in New York City for four

years. He became a “community organizer” for the Developing Communities Project

funded by the Woods Fund. The Woods Fund was founded by the Woods family which

owned the Sahara Coal Company, a major supplier of coal to major Illinois power

companies like Commonwealth Edison, a Chicago-based electric company whose CEO

was Thomas Ayers, father of Bill Ayers.

(I see you are rereading that last paragraph, your lips are moving. A coal company

and an electric company were his benefactors? But doesn’t The Other One seek to

destroy coal companies and electric companies? Ah, such is the nature of the wormhole.)

Bill Ayers, 1960’s radical bomber, former fugitive, and son of billionaire Thomas

Ayers, returned to his home in Chicago after surfacing from the underground in 1981 and

attending colleges in New York City, including Columbia, until 1987. In 1987, he

established the Alliance for Better Chicago Schools. also funded by the Woods Fund. The

Other One worked closely with Ayers’ new organization before leaving Chicago to go to

Harvard Law School in 1989.

(Had I been spawned yet? Had a man with years of experience living underground

as a fugitive help spawn me? Had one fellow traveler aided another? At what point did

their paths first cross? So much is lost in the labyrinth of the wormhole.)

When The Other One returned to Chicago in 1991, he was hired by Sidley Austin

Law Firm. Sidley Austin, a consulting firm for Thomas Ayers and Commonwealth

Edison, also employed Bernardine Dorhn, 1960’s radical and wife of Bill Ayers, Valerie

Jarrett, and Michelle Robinson. Valerie Jarrett left to work for Daley’s City Hall and

brought Michelle Robinson with her. (That is a wormhole for a different day.)

By 1995, The Other One had became politically active in Chicago. He was taken

under the wing of Alice Palmer, black activist, communist sympathizer, and Illinois State

Senator. The 1960’s radicals, Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, now scrubbed and clean,

upstanding, but non-repentant, members of the community, held a political “coming-out”

party for The Other One in their home.

(Oh, the questions that arise. How much did the former radicals actually help The

Other One? Did they see in him a kindred spirit or a blank slate or a means to their own

ends? Did Bill Ayers write the book which catapulted The Other One’s career, intending

to advance his own causes? Who was spinning whom? Did the worm turn? Ah, more

wormhole madness.)

Alice Palmer designated The Other One as the heir apparent for her state senate

seat and he entered the race. When Alice Palmer lost her bid for a U. S. congressional

seat against Jesse Jackson, Jr., she asked The Other One to withdraw from the race for

her former senate seat. He refused. She filed to run anyway. The Other One challenged

her petition and had her eliminated from the ballot. (Such is nature of the wormhole. The

ends always justify the means.)

In 2004, The Other One was anxious to rise to a national platform. (Or were the

lubricators of the wormhole getting impatient? It is hard to tell the difference. Such is the

nature of the wormhole.) He ran for U. S. Senate against Jack Ryan. Strangely,

previously sealed court records detailing Ryan’s messy divorce were made public. Ryan

withdrew from the race and a last minute challenger, Alan Keyes, was soundly defeated

by The Other One. The rest, as they say, is history.

(So, why was I necessary? When and why was I created? What secrets are hidden

by my identity? What are the ambitions and aspirations of The Other One that they must

remain hidden?)

Let me return to the metaphor of White Holes and Black Holes. In the cosmos, a

White Hole is a region of spacetime which cannot be entered from the outside, but from

which light may escape. It is the reverse of a Black Hole which sucks in everything in its

proximity, but from which nothing, including light, can escape. Only a wormhole can

provide escape from a Black Hole and entrance to a White Hole.

As the spawn of the wormhole, one who can see the Black Hole of those-who-donot-

exist and the White Hole of Those Who Exist, I can tell you our goal is to banish as

many as possible from the state of free matter and energy to the inescapable Black Hole

from which they can only behold the brightness of the White Hole and believe that it

shines for them. We seek to enlarge the Black Hole so those who have been hovering at

the cusp of the abyss disappear into its nothingness. We extol “sharing and fairness”,

twisting the definitions of “share” and “fair” to our own terms. The White Hole must

share its light so that the Black Hole may have light. And we seek to have those in the

Black Hole blame those in the White Hole for their darkness. We seek to pit those-whodo-

not-exist against Those Who Exist.

If The Other One has appeared detached or bored, it is only because he cannot

reveal his true face yet and must wear a mask. He cannot revel in his accomplishments

yet. (Such is the nature of the wormhole.)

And I, Harrison J. Bounel, simply play the buffoon to distract you. So, I ask you

now, do you still think I am merely a figment or a joke?

Cry and Howl

Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off. I Kings 20:11


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