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BREAKING NEWS Social Security administration is due to release on Monday Social Security number application for SSN 042-68-4425 of Harry Bounel which Obama is fraudulently using

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English: Social Security Administration Office...

Press release, Social Security administration is due to release on Monday Social Security number application for SSN 042-68-4425 of Harry Bounel  which Obama is fraudulently using

Law Offices of Orly Ttaitz

For 5 years now Attorney Orly Taitz has pursued the issue of Obama ‘s use of fabricated IDs. the most damning evidence against Obama is his use of Connecticut Social Security number 042-68-4425 , which failed E-Verify and SSNVS and which was traced to Harry Bounel, born in 1890.

Currently there are 7 challenges to Obama brought by Attorney Taitz, two of them are cases specifically dealing with this issue. The cases are slightly different. The latest motion  before Judge Lamberth in DC is based on Obama’s failed E-Verify and his number, which was traced to Bounel. The second case, which was  filed in MD, where SSN administration is located, is filed based on Bounel’s name  and the same Social Security number and the fact that the regime wrongfully denied access to his application, claiming privacy, even though he was born over 120 years ago and privacy no longer applies based on 120 year rule.

Taitz filed a motion for summary judgment. Rod Rosenstein, US attorney for MD, asked presiding judge, Ellen L. Hollander, for more time to respond to a 2 page motion, claiming that 2 weeks were not enough. She granted the request the same day, before the plaintiff could even see the motion to extend time. Shortly thereafter the war or possible war with Syria broke. Now there is a peace agreement, no further distractions, the response id due on Monday and regime ran out of excuses.

Yesterday the regime sent a trial balloon. It published in a couple of blogs (at least one of these blogs is believed to be controlled by the regime)  something to the extent that maybe by a typographical error the information of Bounel and Obama got crossed in one database. They were quoting a researcher Susan Daniels stating that the information about Bounel found by Albert Hendershot  was a one time thing found by one researcher, one error in one database. A number of people, who might be connected to the regime as well, sent Taitz this article to make sure Taitz saw the trial balloon to ascertain  if this latest story would fly.

The answer, it will not fly.

Incidently,  researcher Albert Hendershot was visited by the FBI. When he refused to cooperate, he was tackled, thrown on the ground and handcuffed. At that time he was asked for password for his computers. His computers were taken and in fear of being thrown to jail he gave the password. Hendershot published an article about his experience and published the receipts given to him by the FBI for his computers.  This matter was not litigated yet.

Further on, Attorney Taitz did not submit to court Hendershot’s findings until she had confirmation. Originally, when Taitz talked to investigator Susan Daniels, the investigator said that she could not find Bounel’s information and Taitz did not submit Hendershot’s findings to several courts, including administrative court in GA, where Daniels testified for Taitz.  Later, in a phone conversation Daniels confirmed to Taitz that she found Bounel ‘s information as well. Only when Taitz had this confirmation from a second source, from Daniels, did she submit it to court. Daniels and Hendershot used different databases. Only after Daniels confirmed to Taitz that she found Bounel’s infomation, Taitz contacted Hendershot and related to him that his findings were confirmed by Daniels and he wrote a second article about it.

If need be, Taitz will provide proof of all of the above.

At this point Obama is cornered. He is using a stolen Social Security number and proven computer generated forgeries instead of valid IDs.

This might be related or not, but Dan Pfeifer, Obama strategist, who together with Perkins-Coie attorney, Bob Bauer,presented to the public on April 27, 2011  the forgery of the Obama’s birth certificate, was yesterday taken to the hospital with the stroke like symptoms.

The response is due on Monday, right after Yom Kipur, the Jewish day of atonement. We’ll see what U.S. attorney Rod Rosenstein and  Federal Judge Ellen Lipton Hollander will do.

More information on this and other cases can be found on


Breaking News – US Supreme Court To Hear Case Against Obama Fraud In A Closed Door Hearing Away From The Main Stream Media Spotlight

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English: West face of the United States Suprem...

Breaking NewsUS Supreme Court To Hear Case Against Obama Fraud In A Closed Door Hearing Away From The Main Stream Media Spotlight


Orly Taitz, friend of The Obama Hustle will have her case against the protected one on the 15th of this month.  In a hearing behind closed doors which is unheard of as far as I can tell, Taitz will have her day with the Justices.  She will be using information supplied by the Obama Hustle detailing the frauds committed by Barack Obama along with other evidence supplied by experts and others across the spectrum of various expertise.

She will be using evidence supplied by my article: which details Obama’s crime in detail and finally connected the dots on his crime against the American people with the theft of the social security number that he stole from Harry Bounel, a man from Russia born in 1890.

Like her or not, people have to respect Orly’s tenacity in digging for the truth and shedding light on the protected one and his many crimes such as:

  • A fraudulent and forged Birth Certificate
  • Stolen social security number
  • Real Estate fraud
  • Tax fraud
  • High Crimes and against the American people
  • Election fraud
  • A forged Selective Service document
  • Aliases
  • 2006 US Senate Ethics violations

Other articles written by the Hustle that prove Obama’s fraudulent / criminal activities:

This article clearly details how in 2006 Obama committed a US Senate Ethics violation by not disclosing a $104,500.00 reale state transaction that was a separate business transaction from his supposed real property, ie his home in IL.

This article clearly lays out the crime committed by Obama and the social security fraud that he committed when he stole Harry Bounel’s social security number.

This article clearly lays out in detail through a FOIA request from Cook County, IL which details Obama’s real estate fraud committed in 2005 when that house in Chicago was purchased for him to live in.

This article clearly details the many addresses that Obama used to commit his voter fraud in 2008.

This article clearly proves that Congress knows about the inconsistencies / fraud that surround Obama and how they are afraid to go after him for fear of being labeled as radicals by the MSM.

It is amazing how Congress and the MSM refuse to open the discussion on the so-called inconsistencies / fraud that surround this individual.  In 2011 I performed a live database pull which was actually seen by the office of FL Congressman Bill Posey which clearly proved that Obama has an alias and that he is in fact using a stolen social security number which has now been proven to belong to an individual by the name of Harry Bounel as proven by a SSA FOIA received in November of 2012.

The US Congress and the MSM need to go after the criminal Obama and investigate him the way they did when Nixon was caught committing crimes within the Watergate investigation.  Barack Obama is fraud who has lied to the American people and the MSM along with the US Congress are complicit in this deceit on the United States of America.

Obama Rezko lot purchases, Court records prove Obama lied about contact with Rezko and Rezko requests, Obama Rezko et al Chicago pay to play

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President Barack Obama addresses the House Dem...

Citizen Wells

Obama Rezko lot purchases, Court records prove Obama lied about contact with Rezko and Rezko requests, Obama Rezko et al Chicago pay to play

“Why were portions of the motion to subpoena Obama by the Blagojevich defense team, damning to Obama, redacted?”…Citizen Wells

“Why did the Rezkos enter into an agreement to purchase the lot next to the Obama house and pay the asking price of $ 625,000 at a time when they were broke and heavily in debt?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

My research, review and discussions regarding Obama’s involvement in Chicago pay to play are progressing. Yesterday I got a clarification from someone who was involved in one of the transactions. Before I proceed, I want to clarify the Obama Rezko relationship and Obama lies about it.

From TPM Muckraker March 3, 2008.

“The connection has dogged Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) ever since it was first reported in November of 2006. With Tony Rezko’s trial finally beginning this week, and with the trial expected to last for months, it will keep dogging him.

You know the general outline. In June of 2005, Obama bought a home in Chicago’s South Side. On the same day, Tony Rezko bought an adjoining lot, the house’s side yard. It was not an isolated association between the two. Rezko was a big-time fundraiser and supporter of Obama, who raised more than $150,000 for Obama’s state and federal campaigns over the span of nine years ($20,000 of that was from Rezko himself). Over the past 16 months, Obama has donated almost $160,000 of those Rezko-linked contributions to charity.

Rezko, a big-time real estate developer and mucky-muck in Illinois politics, was indicted in October of 2006 on fraud and extortion charges.

Although Obama’s longterm relationship with Rezko has gained plenty of scrutiny, the house purchase has understandably gotten the most. Given Rezko’s central role in Illinois’ influence-buying and cronyism scandal, suspicion is natural. Obama himself has called his subsequent purchase of a strip of the adjoining lot from Rezko “bone-headed.” It’s hard not to agree.

There is no sure evidence that the house deal was worse than bone-headed. Not that the question has been put to rest. A number of unanswered questions remain.

For instance, it’s unclear whether Rezko was actually doing a favor for Obama: whether Obama could not have bought the house otherwise or whether Obama derived a financial benefit from Rezko’s involvement in the deal. The main suspicion has been that Rezko’s purchase of the side yard at the seller’s asking price allowed Obama’s purchase of the house to go through since the seller insisted on closing both properties on the same day. But both Obama and Rezko have said that someone else had bid on the side yard, raising the bidding to the asking price. If that’s the case, then Obama could have bought the house without Rezko’s involvement. And Obama has said that his family has stayed off the side yard and never used it for family activities.

Obama has acknowleged, however, that Rezko’s likely motivation for buying the lot was to curry favor with him. Rezko reportedly admitted as much to his business associates. And as The New York Times reports today, Rezko was so heavily in debt at the time he purchased the lot that he did it under his wife’s name in order to protect it from creditors.

And then there’s the other big question, whether Obama ever did anything for Rezko in return for his purchase of the side yard or all those contributions. Obama has said that Rezko “never asked me for anything” and “I’ve never done any favors for him.” No substantial evidence has surfaced to contradict that claim. (The Chicago Sun-Times did dig up letters from Obama in 1998, some seven years before the house sale, urging Illinois and Chicago officials to provide funding for a Rezko company to build apartments for senior citizens, but both Obama and Rezko denied that Rezko had asked Obama to write the letters, and there’s no evidence to the contrary.)

As Rezko’s trial nears, you’re sure to hear the two names raised together again and again. And you’ll be hearing about that house purchase. So we’re laying it all out here. We’ve compiled the main details in our timeline of Rezko and Obama’s relationship here.

Recently, NBC News got a good aerial view of the Obama’s home and side lot, which is now owned by Michael Sreenan, a former business attorney of Rezko’s: Back in 2004, the home’s owner put both parcels on the market. There was no fence between the two properties, since the undeveloped land served as the house’s side yard, but the properties were listed separately.

In January of 2005, the Obamas made three successive bids on the home, which had been listed at $1.95 million. After bids of $1.3 and then $1.5 million, the Obamas, through an agent, finally offered $1.65 million, a bid which the seller ultimately accepted. Obama has said that the house was on the market for a number of months and was overpriced. The seller, a doctor at the University of Chicago named Fredric Wondisford who has refused to speak to the media, has stated in an email released by the Obama campaign to Bloomberg that Obama’s bid was the highest bid on the home. Obama has said that he didn’t purchase the side yard because he could not afford it.

It’s still unclear exactly how Rezko came to buy the side yard. Back in November of 2006, when Obama was first interviewed by The Chicago Tribune about the deal, he was very hazy on the details: “I don’t recall exactly what our conversations were or where I first learned, and I am not clear what the circumstances were where he made a decision that he was interested in the property.”

In answering written questions from The Chicago Sun-Times later that week, he was clearer: “to the best of [his] recollection,” he’d told Rezko about the side yard and that “he developed an interest, knowing both the location and, as I recall, the developer who had previously purchased it.”

Last month, an Obama spokesman divulged more: that at some point before the purchase, which closed in June of 2005, Obama and Rezko had toured the property together “because Rezko was a real-estate developer in the area” and Obama wanted his opinion. The spokesman could not specify when, exactly, this tour had occurred — before Obama had made successive bids on the home in January of 2005, or after.

It’s not clear when Rezko bid on the property, but Obama has said that the seller accepted Rezko’s bid on the yard before accepting Obama’s bid on the house.

Both Obama and Michael Sreenan, Rezko’s former attorney who now owns the adjoining lot, have said that at least one other party bid on the yard, as an explanation for why Rezko ultimately paid the seller’s asking price, $625,000. The burning question, of course, is whether Rezko was doing Obama a favor by buying the side lot at the asking price. Though the seller, via the campaign, has corroborated other details about the purchase, he has not confirmed that there were other bids on the lot.

Though Obama made his final offer in January of 2005, the purchase did not close for another five months. It’s unclear why.

By June of 2005, when the purchases did close, Rezko’s ethical and legal troubles had begun unraveling on the pages of the city’s major newspapers. Just a month before, The Chicago Tribune had run a major profile of Rezko and his many entanglements, including the fact that he’d been subpoenaed as part of a sprawling corruption probe of the state government.

As you can see from the picture of the property above, the two properties are now divided by a fence. But there was no fence when the purchases were made. The Obamas have provided documents to The Chicago Tribune to show that, immediately following the purchase, they began making preparations for installing a fence — an undertaking that required considerable paperwork since the properties are landmarked. That process lasted several months.

When it finally came time to install the fence, the Obamas also wanted to extend their property by another five to ten feet so that the fence would be at a distance from the house. The Obamas ultimately purchased from Rezko a 10-foot wide strip adjacent to and paralleling their property line.

Obama has said that he approached Rezko personally in January of 2006 about buying some of the adjacent lot. To set the price for the 1,500-square-foot strip, which was one-sixth of the entire lot, Obama hired a firm to appraise its value. When that appraisal came in at $40,500, Obama says he judged it too low for appearance’s sake and instead set the price at $104,500, which was one-sixth of the price Rezko had paid for the entire lot. There’s been no suggestion that Rezko actually negotiated with Obama on the price. In any case, he accepted.

Rezko’s rapidly deteriorating situation might explain Obama’s extra caution. Since its profile of Rezko the previous May, the Tribune had also brought word (as you can see on our timeline) that Rezko had been subpoenaed on a number of other matters, all pertaining to U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation of influence-buying, cronyism, and extortion in Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s (D) government. It was increasingly clear that he was of central interest to prosecutors. He was finally indicted in October of 2006.

Though Obama’s name may come up at the trial, since Rezko allegedly made illegal “straw” contributions (via intermediaries) to Obama in addition to a number of other politicians, he is expected to be only a peripheral player. As The Los Angeles Times puts it this morning, Obama will be in “the background.” But unfortunately for Obama, Rezko is also certain to be in the background of his campaign through November.”

I will answer 2 of the questions now, more later.

First a simple one.

“Though Obama made his final offer in January of 2005, the purchase did not close for another five months. It’s unclear why.”

Answer: The Obamas did not have the money or income in January 2005 (see 2004 tax return). The Rezkos were flat broke and heavily in debt (from Rezko Trial records and other sources). More later.

“And then there’s the other big question, whether Obama ever did anything for Rezko in return for his purchase of the side yard or all those contributions. Obama has said that Rezko “never asked me for anything” and “I’ve never done any favors for him.” No substantial evidence has surfaced to contradict that claim. (The Chicago Sun-Times did dig up letters from Obama in 1998, some seven years before the house sale, urging Illinois and Chicago officials to provide funding for a Rezko company to build apartments for senior citizens, but both Obama and Rezko denied that Rezko had asked Obama to write the letters, and there’s no evidence to the contrary.)”

We know from Rezko trial transcripts that Obama lied about his contact with Tony Rezko.

Chicago SunTimes February 10, 2008.

“In the media, Obama always made it sound like he rarely saw Rezko, saying they met for breakfast or lunch once or twice a year. However, the FBI mole John Thomas helped investigators “build a record of repeat visits to the old offices of Rezko and former business partner Daniel Mahru’s Rezmar Corp., at 853 N. Elston, by Blagojevich and Obama during 2004 and 2005,“

Chicago SunTimes March 14, 2008 interview with Obama.

“Thomas is an FBI mole and he “recently told us that he saw you coming and going from Rezko’s office a lot.””

From the Blagojevich Trial subpoena of Barack Obama. Portions related to Obama were initially redacted but then discovered.

“21. Tony Rezko is one of the government’s main witnesses.8 Mr. Rezko’s credibility is extremely relevant in this trial. In many instances, Mr. Rezko is the government’s crucial witness to prove up their allegations.9 Mr. Rezko wrote a letter to a federal judge stating “the prosecutors have been overzealous in pursuing a crime that never happened. They are pressuring me to tell them the “wrong” things that I supposedly know about Governor Blagojevich and Senator Obama. I have never been a party to any wrongdoing that involved the Governor or the Senator. I will never fabricate lies about anyone else for selfish purposes.” (Exhibit A)”

“22. However, the defense has a good faith belief that Mr. Rezko, President Obama’s former friend, fund-raiser, and neighbor told the FBI and the United States Attorneys a different story about President Obama. In a recent in camera proceeding, the government tendered a three paragraph letter indicating that Rezko “has stated in interviews with the government that he engaged in election law violations by personally contributing a large sum of cash to the campaign of a public official who is not Rod Blagojevich. … Further, the public official denies being aware of cash contributions to his campaign by Rezko or others and denies having conversations with Rezko related to cash contributions. … Rezko has also stated in interviews with the government that he believed he transmitted a quid pro quo offer from a lobbyist to the public official, whereby the lobbyist would hold a fundraiser for the official in exchange for favorable official action, but that the public official rejected the offer. The public official denies any such conversation. In addition, Rezko has stated to the government that he and the public official had certain conversations about gaming legislation and administration, which the public official denies having had.”10?

“10 The defense has a good faith belief that this public official is Barack Obama. See, “Obama on Rezko deal: It was a mistake”, Dave McKinney, Chris Fusco, and Mark Brown, Chicago Sun Times, November 5, 2006. Senator Barack Obama was asked: “Did Rezko or his companies ever solicit your support on any matter involving state or federal government? Did Al Johnson, who was trying to get a casino license along with Tony Rezko, or Rezko himself ever discuss casino matters with you?” Senator Obama answered: “No, I have never been asked to do anything to advance his business interest. In 1999, when I was a State Senator, I opposed legislation to bring a casino to Rosemont and allow casino gambling at docked riverboats which news reports said Al Johnson and Tony Rezko were interested in being part of. I never discussed a casino license with either of them. I was a vocal opponent of the legislation.” Obama’s involvement with Tony Rezko and this legislation coincides with the three paragraph summary the government has provided to the defense referenced above.”

“23. President Obama is the only one who can testify as to the veracity of Mr. Rezko’s allegations above.

24. President Obama has pertinent information as to the character of Mr. Rezko. President Obama can testify to Mr. Rezko’s reputation for truthfulness as well as his own opinion of Mr. Rezko’s character. See, Fed. R. Evid. 405(a) and 608. Mr. Rezko and President Obama became friends in 1990. According to President Obama, Mr. Rezko raised as much as $60,000 in campaign contributions for Obama.11

25. Based on the relationship that President Obama and Mr. Rezko had, President Obama can provide important information as to Mr. Rezko’s plan, intent, opportunity, habit and modus operandi. See, Fed. R. Evid. 404(b) and 406. For example, in June 2005, President Obama purchased a house for $1.65 million, $300,000 below the asking price. On the same day Tony Rezko’s wife, Rita, paid full price — $625,000 — for the adjoining land. In January 2006, Obama paid Mr. Rezko $104,500 for a strip of the adjoining land. The transaction took place when it was widely known that Mr. Rezko was under investigation.12 President Obama’s relationship with Tony Rezko is relevant and necessary Fed. R. Evid. 404(b) and 406 evidence.”

Motion to subpoena Obama redacted.

Motion to subpoena Obama redacted portions revealed.

Rep. Posey Spokesman: Media Ridicule Stopping Us From Addressing Obama’s Identity Fraud

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By AL Hendershot, March 11, 2012

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

The Dynamic Duo

Last summer I had a conference call in which I disclosed through a “Live Database” search how:

  1. Barack Obama’s alias Harrison J Bounel was associated with his bogus SSN and the house in Chicago.
  2.  How Barack Obama is committing Tax Fraud and Real Estate fraud as of present day.
  3. The many SSN that he, Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are currently using in their voter fraud schemes across the country as of the last election and that they are still in use as of today.

There were several people that I invited to view the evidence that they found to be irrefutable in its accuracy and complete in its proof tha Obama is a fraud.

Above is the video that Bill Posey‘s Spokseman saw along with many others including more information that was covered other than what is shown in the above video.  His office admitted to knowledge of  the inconsistencies that they know exist, but they are afraid of ridicule in the MSM for coming out and asking for the truth.

Above is the conversation that took place with the representative of Congressman Bill Posey (R) FL in which he admits to the U.S. Congress having knowlege of the inconsistencies that surround the anointed one Barack Obama and how they are afraid to go public for fear of ridicule in the MSM.

My previous articles:

All of these articles and the many more that I have researched and written show that Obama is a fraud and the United States Congress is cowardice in its ineptness in trying to get to the bottom of all of these lies prostrated by Barack and Michelle Obama and their cohorts in the White House and Congress.

Last week Sheriff Joe Arpaio shed more light on the fraud that is Barack Obama and the need for more scrutiny and a complete vetting process that was not completed in 2008.

Do not think for one moment the the U.S. Congress and the whole, and Government for that matter are willing to come forth and discuss the fraud that has been committed on the American people.  It is their hope and I am quoting, “that Obama is voted out of office so this will all die down.”

We have put our honor and personal beliefs in these findings and have proven that Obama is a fraud and that he has lied to the American people.

Documents Received Through The Freedom Of Information Act From Cook County Treasurer’s Office Prove Fraud In Obama “Buffer Zone”

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Northern Trust headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

The Northern Trust Co. Chicago, IL

Earlier this past August I was helped by Jerome Corsi and WND in getting the information out concerning the Rezkobuffer zone” that she, Rita Rezko deeded to the Trust that owns the Hyde Park Mansion the Obama‘s call their home in Chicago.

In my last report which was reported in WND Tax fraud suspected in Obama land deal  the one thing that I could not quite put my finger on was the lack of documentation concerning the separate real estate transaction that took place in 02/2006.  It is well known that the Obama’s claim to have paid $104,500.00 for the “buffer zone” which was then absorbed by the property attached to the “Big House“.

However, all that has now been explained.  When the Land Trust purchased the house in 2005 it was obvious that the adjoining lot was butted up to the “Big House”, so then a sliver of land was cut from the Rezko lot and Deeded in a Warranty Deed of Trust to the Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209.  The same Land Trust that owns the house and not the Obama’s.

The following image will show my original findings concerning the Obama “buffer zone”.

In my last report which was solely reported using verbal confirmations given by The Cook County Treasurer’s Office and the Cook County Assessor’s Office have now been confirmed again through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documentation and from another verbal confirmation by a man named “Charles” who works for the Cook County Treasurer’s Office as of 08/26/2011.

In my conversation with Charles of the Cook County Treasurer’s Office which took place on 09/26/2011 I specifically asked Charles, “if a piece of property is deeded in a Warranty Deed In Trust and just the transfer taxes are paid for said property does that negate the need for an assessment being completed for said property for tax purposes and he said, “absolutely not”.

He further said, “that any transfer of real property in or out of a Trust or a general sale of real property for that matter is considered by Cook County as a real estate transaction and said property is to be assessed and taxed for the actual assessed value of the property being transferred”.

I then asked Charles if a property was absorbed by an adjoining lot with out ever first being assessed or taxed would that constitute real estate and or tax fraud and he said, “yes because Cook County will get what is owed from the transfer or sale of said real property”.

My conversations with Charles at the Cook County Treasurer’s Office on the 26th of September last month and my conversation with Maria at the Cook County Assessor’s this past August confirmed my original findings as noted below:

PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000:  Note: each talking point is a layer in the sale of the “buffer zone”.

    • Doc # 0604733162 – Deed In Trust  – Amount $104,500.00 – 02/16/2006 – Grantor : Rita Rezko – Grantee: The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 – PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000
    • PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 in existences for only one month as per CCRD and does not exist anymore as per the Assessor’s Office.
    • As per Cook County Assessor’s Office no assessment has ever been done for PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000; therefore, no taxes have ever been filed or paid for the “buffer zone” that Rezko deeded to Trust # 10209 in a separate real estate transaction on 02/2006.
    • As per Cook County Assessor’s Office PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 was dissolved and became PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 in 2007
    • Fact:  As per the CCRD there are no records prior to 06/2005 (the sale of the BIG HOUSE and the lot to Rezko) for PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000, not to mention the 20-month gap in document recordings for PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 which as per the Assessor’s Office was created in 2007 when PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 was dissolved.
    • Fact:  In 2001 “Wondisford” created 5050 S Greenwood Ave creating PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 with an assessed value of $9,875.00 (verified by LexisNexis and a Cook County assessment).
    • Fact:  In 2006, the separate real estate transaction for the lot added 1,907 SF to the lot at a value of $54.79 PER SF – 54.79 x 1907 = 104,484.53. creating a 12,047 SF lot for PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000
    • Fact:  PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000 was never recorded with the CCRD because Trust # 10209 was recorded using PIN # 20-11-115-034-0000 insulating the parties involved in the sale of the BIG HOUSE and not including the sale of the “buffer zone” or adding PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000/20-11-115-036-0000 to the documents pertaining to 5046 S Greenwood Ave, the property owned by Trust # 10209 of The Northern Trust Co.  This created two separate events, one in 2005 and the other in 2006, with the second event i.e. the “buffer zone” never being properly assessed or taxed and absorbed by PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000.
    • Note, that The Obama’s have redacted PIN #’s on their 2009 IL state taxes and have not included their property taxes on their state filings for IL in their 2010 taxes as well.

$104,500.00 “Buffer Zone” PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 deeded by Rita Rezko to The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 (Not the Obama’s) in a real estate transaction as of 02/2006 with no assessment ever being completed for the lot, and with no taxes ever being paid on the lot.

(A separate transaction with no assessment)

The following documents were forwarded to be via The Cook County Treasurer’s Office through The Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA).  These documents were received by me Monday 09/26/2011.  I am also including the Rezko Warranty Deed which was prepared by William Micely and notarized by Tony Rezko’s business partner Michael Sreenan and signed by Rita Rezko on 01/2006.  I will also be including pulls from the (CCRD) Cook County Recorder of Deeds showing the discrepancies noted in the talking points listed above.

Remember, it is not the documentation that is present, but it is the documentation that is not recorded or prepared as prescribed by the laws of Cook County, The City of Chicago, and the State of IL.

The first set of documents are related to the The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 the actual owner of the “buffer zone” which was never properly assessed or taxed in the 2006 transfer of real property from Rita Rezko to the Trust.

Note the Warranty Deed, the preparer, the Notary, and the seller.

As noted above the the last image showing an assessment for 2007 on PIN # 20-11-115-035-0000 that was sent to me from Cook County showing no dollar amounts in a legal document apparently indicating an attempt to hide the fact that the “buffer zone” was passed to the Trust without ever being assessed separately and properly taxed as a real estate transaction.  It, the dollar amounts were left off of this 2007 assessment for the old PIN # which as of the Assessor’s Office and Maria were deleted in 2007 and then turned into PIN # 20-11-115-036-0000 which had already been in existence for quite some time.

The following recording was with Charles from Cook County and he explains the necessity foe having a parcel of land properly assessed and taxed which is what the Obama’s did not do in the Rezko “buffer zone” transaction in 2006.

No assessment was ever completed for a $ 104,500.00 parcel of land that was in fact a separate real estate transaction.

All that was paid for the lot was:


+ $104.50

+ $783.75


United States Congressman Spencer Bachus Refuses To Discuss Obama Real Estate & Tax Fraud and Obama’s Fraudulent SSN

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Today, August 22, 2011 I spoke with Bill Kreitlein, from the Office of Congressman Spencer Bachus.  Last week I had sent an email detailing my request to discuss the issues connected to President Barack H Obama.

In my conversation with Mr. Kreitlein he informed me that he had spoken to the Congressman and he told Mr. Kreitlein, “that he did not want to pursue it”.  When I asked him why he did not want to pursue verified evidence of real estate fraud, tax fraud, and social security fraud he then proceeded to tell me that Congressman Bachus said, ‘that he, Congressman Bachus had no power to do anything”.

Mr. Kreitlein also informed me that Congressman Bachus had no advice for me on how to pursue the issue.  He suggested that I take it to the “Justice Department” and I said, “you want me to take this information to Eric Holder, Obama’s friend, and do what with it?”  There was no answer, just dead air.

I then asked Mr. Kreitlein,  “if Congressman Bachus has no power to do anything can he get this new information into someone’s hand who can do something with my information”, and he said, “no”.

It has become clear to me that there will be no help from the United States Congress or from the United States Senate as it pertains to:

  • Obama’s bogus and non-existent Social Security Number.
  • Real Estate and Tax Fraud committed by Barack H Obama with the help of the Rezko‘s which has been verified by Cook County.
  • Re-examine the potential voter fraud evidence from 2008 with the new evidence that has re-surfaced in 2011.

Basically there will be no help from either the U.S. Congress or the U.S Senate when it comes to shedding light on the crimes that Barack H Obama has committed and still committing as of 2011.  There will be no help from the “Main-Stream-Media” either.  I went to my local TV stations and they said it was old news and did not even want to look at it, and some did not even talk to me, they just said, “not interested” and hung up on me.

I am not giving up.  I will find someone who will Man-Up and help me get this information out to a larger audience.

Obama Caught Lying On His 2006 U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report

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As reported by “The Obama Hustle” : and at World Net Daily article : Tax Fraud Suspected In Obama Land Deal it is now known that Barack H Obama has possibly committed real estate and tax fraud as it pertains to the house that he does not own in Chicago, located at 5046 S Greenwood Ave., Chicago, IL 60615.

The following graphic images will illustrate the point that the Obama’s own nothing.  It has also been stated that the Obama’s own/started the trust that owns 5046 S Greenwood Ave and again the answer to that question is no.  The Northern Trust Co., Trust # 10209 which is a  Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT ) is the actual owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.

Fig 1.  Source: The Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Name:   NORTHERN TRUST CO TR  Dates:   Any To
 Role:   Grantor  Document Type:   Any
Document No. Document Type Date Recorded PIN Grantor Grantee
0535335180 MORTGAGE 12/19/2005 20-11-115-034-0000 NORTHERN TRUST CO TR NORTHERN TRUST CO
0517233011 MORTGAGE 06/21/2005 20-11-115-034-0000 NORTHERN TRUST CO TR NORTHERN TRUST CO

The above image illustrates the actual owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.  It needs to be noted that these are the transactions that created PIN # 20-11-115-037-0000 which in-turn absorbed the “buffer zone” illegally in 2007

The following graphic image illustrates the actual owner of the so-called Obama “buffer zone”.

Fig 2.  Source: The Cook County Recorder of Deeds

Documents for PIN:20-11-115-035-0000
Document No. Document Type Date Recorded Grantor/Trust No. Grantee/Trust No. Prior Document
0604733162 DEED IN TRUST 02/16/2006 REZKO RITA M NORTHERN TRUST CO TR / 10209

The above image illustrates the actual owner of the so-called Obama “buffer zone” and it is not the Obama’s as stated by Barack H Obama in 2008 when he was question about the ownership and transfer of the property in a separate real estate transaction with Rita Rezko in 02/2006 of which he claims that he paid $104,500.00 for the plot which has since been absorbed with out ever being properly assessed or taxed as a separate real estate transaction should have been.

The following image was emailed to The Obama Hustle stating that this is the record showing that the Obama’s are the true owners of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.  Pay close attention to the so-called proof and see for yourself the abnormalities within this document.

Fig 3

The above document does not prove that the Obama’s own 5046 S Greenwood Ave. nor does it rove that they own a “Trust” of any kind.  Furthermore, the document is referring to beneficiary signatures signed in “Lake” County and not Cook County.  This document was also completed in the presence of William Miceli who was Barack Obama former supervisor at the Law Firm of  Miner Barnhill & Galland.

The above information is leading to this explanation referencing Barack Obama’s 2006 United States Senate Financial Disclosure Report.  As noted above in 02/2006 when the separate real estate transaction took place for the purchase of the $104,500.00 “buffer zone” Obama specifically state that he purchased the lot directly from Rezko.  It has also been stated that the Obama own/started the Trust that owns 5046 S Greenwood Ave.  The above images prove that to be false.

The following graphic image was collected from  The following image is from Obama’s 2006 U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report which has to be completed annually.

Fig 4

As noted in the above image it clearly states that, “Any purchase, sale, or exchange by you, your spouse, or dependent child during the reporting period of any real property” must be noted in Part IV under Transactions in excess of $1000.00.  Then Senator Barack Obama failed to mention the separate real estate transaction that was separate from the transaction involving his supposed home in Chicago for the Rezko “buffer zone” a transaction which was in excess of $1,000.00, a clear violation of Senate Ethics Rules.

Q.  Why did Senator Barack Obama in 2006 not disclose the purchase of real property (a separate real estate transaction that did not involve a personal residence) as stipulated by the report which was over $1,000.00 in value and which must be completed truthfully so as to show complete transparency in then Senator Barack Obama’s financial disclosures?

Q.  Could it be that Barack Obama did not want to show that he was not the actual owner of 5046 S Greenwood Ave.?

Q.  Could it be that he did not want to show that he was not the owner of the so-called “buffer zone” which was a separate real estate transaction that should have been disclosed in his  U.S. Senate Financial Disclosure Report for 2006?

Q.  Could it be that he did not want to disclose his dealings with the Rezko’s?

Clearly Barack H Obama did not comply with the U.S. Senate rules in disclosing all transactions that exceed $1,000.00 as stipulated by the report from 2006.  Therefore, the conclusion can be drawn that Barack H Obama has committed an infraction/violation of United States Senate Ethics Rules as it pertains to proper disclosures of financial transactions.

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